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Made in the USA

Made in the USA
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Ultra Compact Obsessions


Random quote

  • "The thrill of actually seeing detail had me so excited I was running all over the sky, as rapidly as a 6 year-old to a Christmas tree. I could see so much good stuff!"
    Rick Angell Golden CO. 18" owner
  • "this instrument oozes class and quality"
    David D 15" owner in Perth Australia
  • "wouldn't trade it for anything in the world"
    Dale R. 20" owner in Napa Valley California
  • "I kick myself for not getting this earlier"
    Justin T 20" owner in Leicestershire England
  • "I am absolutely thrilled with the telescope - couldn't be happier"
    Rex C 18" owner in Midwest City Oklahoma
  • "Wow, it really is spectacular: easy to transport, easy to set up, easy to use"
    Jerry G 12.5" owner in Sunnyvale California
  • "Both our scopes both outperformed a 7" APO"
    John and Vicki S., 12.5" and 15" owners in Centerpoint, Indiana
  • "This scope is good, REALLY GOOD!! I will keep this scope and give it to my children."
    Bob Z 15” owner
  • "100 times better than my 12" SCT, I should of bought one of these years ago."
    Chris M 30” owner
  • "I could stare at it all night. M13 really popped looking very 3-D."
    Rick S 18” owner
  • "Stop thinking about it! Do it! Do it NOW! It will be the best decision you will ever make!"
    KD W 18” owner
  • "Will I be disappointed yet again?
    Well, now I know - absolutely not!
    No doubt about it - this is the scope of a lifetime."
    Andrew P 18” owner
  • "I better duck tape my socks to my legs!
    The 3-D effect of Saturn was fantastic."
    George V 15” owner
  • "Man, do I love that 15" scope - it's easy to use and it's a real workhorse!"
    Gary G 15” owner
  • "Galaxies spilling out of the eyepiece. I will never forget the sight of the Fornax cluster of galaxies spilling out of the eyepiece at Okie-Tex!"
    Jim W 15” owner
  • "I spotted Deimos easily. I knew Phobos was at the other side, so I look to the W, ..., and there it was!!! It was better than my wildest dreams. When I first thought of buying an Obsession Telescope I knew it was the best telescope I could purchase, but now I think it is even better than I imagined."
    Ernesto G 18 owner in Spain
  • "I LUV my Obsession. I have an Obsession 12.5" and the Argo Navis, and all I can say is wow! The scope is a breeze to move, set up and take down. I LUV my Obsession."
    Paul J 12.5 owner
  • "I did get the best look at the Veil I've ever had through ANY scope. The detail through my 12.5 Obsession was awesome."
    Jim H.
  • "I have truly been bowled over by the planetary views on those nights where the seeing is good."
    Allen D 20” owner
  • "I keep walking away from this scope completely astounded."
    Harlan 20” owner
  • "Without a doubt, the best money I have ever spent!"
    Doug F 20” owner
  • "Just completed my first night of observing with the 20”. WOW! this is visual astronomy!"
    Brian H. 20” owner
  • "I LOVE it, because it FITS ME. I'm 6'5" so I don't even need a ladder."
    Kyle B. 18” owner
  • "I never dreamed that I would own such a work of art."
    David P. 15” owner
  • "One thing I know for sure: The best views at Starfest of Mars was through my Obsession."
    Jeff B. 18” owner
  • "The Most Killer Views Of Deep Sky Objects I Have Ever Seen!"
    Mark K 20” owner
  • "After 200+ observing sessions with this scope, I still love the views!"
    Vance P 20” owner and comet discoverer
  • "Now I know what "pinpoint" star images are. And Mars, holy moly! I didn't know what I had been missing over the past years."
    Brian F 15” owner
  • "An absolute stunner! The Obsession/AN-ServoCAT is so easy use. And the views with the 31mm Nagler you really get the impression you are falling into the sky!"
    Roberto G. 15” owner

Made in the USA

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OZSKY star party in Australia -

15" UC Obsession

John Lynch with 15UC on Mount Laguna California - July 2015 "I am still amazed at how awesome this 15" UC is"

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