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22" f/4.2 UC (Ultra Compact)

The 22 UC is the best deep sky value in it's category. More light gathering power per dollar than all other UCs. And you get the upgraded Feathertouch focuser!


29 objects last night. The detail! Man this was the best observing night ever.   
Dragan Nikin
22UC owner on Mauna Loa Hawaii


First Light 9,200 feet on Mauna Kea Hawaii. Dave Kriege with 22"UC

22UC collapsed

  • Collapsed, the base is 28" x 29" x 18" high
  • Weight of heaviest component is 90 pounds
  • Eight truss poles instead of six
  • Eyepiece height at zenith is 7 feet 4 inches
  • See more Specifications

22" UC includes:

M13 comparison


22" f/4 UC $11,495

Plus Shipping & Crating

3X the light gathering power of a 12.5"


Frederic Ruciak, Paris France. Owner of very first 22" UC

The NEW 22" f/4 UC (Ultra Compact) is a revolutionary design. It is a large aperture telescope that collapses into a very small package. If you have limited hauling or storage capacity, then this is the scope for you.

Virtual Mirror Box

Our revolutionary Virtual Mirror Box (VMB) is the foundation of the UC design. It is a welded steel framework made from NC laser cut steel. It provides four main functions. It provides the primary mirror cell, the altitude bearings, the connection points for the truss poles, and a retainer for the wheelbarrow handles. To keep it as ultra compact as possible, the side bearing portion is foldable to reduce the height of the VMB by half.

Virtual Mirror Box

trunk of Compact Chrysler Cirrus

Virtual Mirror Box

John Nymark with his 22UC loaded in his 2012 Corvette

In the transport mode the clearance height is a mere 16 inches. Or place the VMB (Virtual Mirror Box) next to the rocker in your car and reduce the height even more. Now everyone can have a huge aperture scope and take it to their dark sky site. This telescope will appeal to those that like the ultimate in form follows function style. Lower eyepiece height means 80% of observing will be done with your feet on the ground. The UC is all black with a modern space frame construction. If you own a small vehicle, then the Ultra Compact is the obvious choice. And if you want big scope views and the ultimate in Dobsonian evolution, the Obsession Ultra Compact 22" is it.

No compromises. The UC uses the same proven design criteria and materials that made the Classic Obsession so successful and the most copied larger aperture dob on the market. We use the same premium optics from Ostahowski and OMI that we do in our Classic series of telescopes. Diffraction limited and all figured and tested with interferometry. Ion deposition 96% enhance primary coating. Two inch flex free glass. One tenth wave 96% Diamond brite secondary mirror. As with our Classic series, you cannot get better optics at any price anywhere. Ostahowski and OMI are so confident of their quality that they post the serial number and test data for every mirror they make on their web sites for everyone to review. Nobody else does this.

7.5 times the light gathering power of an 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Obsession
22" UC
Limiting stellar magnitude: 16.7 14.0
Rayleigh Resolution Limit: 0.25
arc seconds
arc seconds
Contrast limit:
(minimum diameter before a
nebular object fades from view)
arc minutes
arc minutes

Customer Comments

Paul Koller

David Naughton,
22" owner in Queensland Australia

June 11, 2013

Hi Dave, I wanted to send you a photograph of myself and my new Obsession UC 22" and to tell you about my early impressions.

I find it difficult to put to words the feeling of awe I have experienced when I have pointed my new scope skywards and focused on the wonders that are on display. The performance of your scope is jaw dropping. I have particularly enjoyed the reactions of others when they first look through my scope and my new popularity with my Astronomy Club.

Some outstanding moments have included observing:

The Great nebula in Eta Carina with a 31mm Nagler V and OIII filter. The whole field filled with detailed nebulosity. When one of the members of my Astronomy Association saw this he shouted "that's just nuts! It goes on and on!".

When the seeing is good I have been able to push the magnification using the 3.7mm Ethos and have enjoyed seeing the 'Homunculus Nebula' surrounding Eta Carina in exquisite detail. It was like looking at a Hubble image!

Centaurus A with 13mm Ethos. Again exquisite detail. I had the 12 year old son of another member declare incredulously, "it doesn't look like that in my scope!"

Omega Centuari with 31mm Nagler V. Simply stunning! At a public viewing, a young boy (with his Dad beside him), who had heard about the Globular cluster in the short talk before viewing, was obviously not prepared for what he saw because he exclaimed a profanity when he placed his eye to the eyepiece.

Colour in the Great Orion Nebula! And I have seen the 'Flame' and the 'Horsehead' Nebulas from my backyard!

Colour in Saturn's clouds, plenty of details and at least 6 moons! Jupiter... I could go on and on!

I could not be happier and I certainly can say that I am now 'Obsessed"!

Thank you Dave for such a wonderful instrument!

Kindest regards, David Naughton

Read more 22" UC customer comments

German video

Hohe Dirn - Deep Sky Nacht

YouTube video (slide-show) of Paul Koller and Justin Kabaus of Austria with a pair of 22 UCs at Hohe Dirn mountain.

Cedar Ridge Star Gazing Parties from Juan Grobler on Vimeo.

This video is about Cedar Ridge Star Gazing Parties

22" UC Photos

22" UC 22" UC 22" UC
22" UC 22" UC 22" UC
22" UC 22" UC 22" UC
22" UC 22" UC 22" UC
22" UC 22" UC 22" UC

22" UC

22" UC

22" UC

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22" UC vs 20" f/5 Classic

Obsession 22" UC

Obsession 20" f/5 Classic

Eyepiece height at zenith 84 inches 96 inches
Set up time including nylon light shroud Same for both
Ease of use (setup, take down, collimation) Same for both
Ease of Motions (hand guiding) Same for both
Construction/materials Same for both, except:
components covered with satin black laminate components are stained and have six coat polyurethane finish
Bearing geometry and surfaces Same for both, Ebony star on etched virgin Teflon
Light baffling Classic is better with 360 degree upper tube assembly baffle. UC 160 degree baffle opposite focuser. Views and contrast are identical unless there is a nearby street light in the area. If you only observe in the city at home then the Classic is the better choice. If you like to take your scope to a dark site the UC is an excellent choice, especially if you drive a sedan or have limited transport space.
Optics (OMI) (Ostahowski does not offer anything under 18 inches) f/4.2 primary mirror requires a Paracorr coma corrector for optimum views. f/5 Paracorr not needed
3.5" secondary mirror. f/5 - 3.1" secondary mirror
Coatings Same for both. 96% on primary, 96% on secondary
Mirror cell 18 point 22 point
Wheelbarrow handles Standard on both
Truss poles Eight 1.25 inch diameter. Connected in pairs at apices. Eight 1.25 inch diameter. All eight separate.
Stability UC has 8 pole design and Baltic Birch steel reinforced segmented bearings. Much less mass than Classic. Eight pole design and one piece cast aluminum side bearings. Mirror box and rocker have more mass. Total weight is about 50 pounds (compared to a 20" Classic) heavier than the UC. Classic is a better choice for CCD imaging.
Dimensions for transport 29" x 29" x 14" high. Virtual mirror box alone (this is the smallest way to transport).
29" x 29" x 17" high. Includes virtual mirror box nested in rocker (will fit in most trunks or hatchback).
29" x 29" x 31" high (rocker and mirror box) Upper tube assembly placed next to lower unit.
Upper Tube Assembly weight (with Feathertouch focuser) 8 pounds 11 pounds
Weight of heaviest component (includes 2 inch thick standard thickness mirror) 90 pounds. Includes the virtual mirror box, mirror, and dust cover 82 pounds Includes mirror box, mirror, and dust cover.
Weight at wheelbarrow handles about 22 pounds about 25 pounds
Weight of complete scope about 150 pounds about 150 pounds
Clearance width required with wheelbarrow handles attached.
(or minimum size of doorway needed to roll in or out with wheels attached)
34 inches

Clearance width needed when carrying UC virtual mirror box is 28 inches.
33 inches

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22" UC Specifications:

Metric info shown in italics

Primary Mirror:

  • 22" - 559 mm Ostahowski, or OMI 2 inch thick mirror
  • 96% reflectivity
  • Enhanced Aluminum Coating and Dielectric Overcoat (a supreme coating)
  • Center marked for precise collimation
  • plus Interferometry certification

see Optics page for more info

Secondary Mirror:

  • Pre-installed
  • 3.5" - 89 mm United Lens 1/10 wave or better
  • Interferogram included
  • 96% reflectivity at 550 nm
  • Super enhanced Brilliant-Diamond non-fading multi-dielectric coating

see Optics page for more info

Focal Length:

  • 92" (± 2") - 2337 mm (± 50 mm)

Eyepiece Height at Zenith:

  • (approximately) 84" - 213 cm

Mirror Cell:

  • 18-point

Truss Pole:

  • Length: 70" (± 2") - 178 cm (± 5 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.25" - 32 mm
  • Wall Thickness: 0.035" - 0.9 mm

Upper Assembly:

  • Diameter: 27" - 69 cm
  • Height: 11" - 28 cm
  • Weight: 8 lbs. - 3.6 kg

Lower Assembly:

  • Virtual Mirror Box stacked in Rocker for Transport
    29" x 29" x 27" high

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Standard Features and Accessories:

Feathertouch focuser by Starlight Instruments

Feathertouch on UC

Standard on all Ultra Compacts

Low profile, Crayford type, 2 inch focuser, with 1-1/4 inch threaded adaptor for filters. Compression rings. Can be swiveled on it's base to the most convenient position. A joy to use and beautiful to look at.


Standard on all Ultra Compacts

External light baffle

Standard on all Ultra Compacts

Counterweight kit

Standard on all Ultra Compacts

Wheelbarrow handles

Comes standard on all Obsessions 12.5" through 25" at no extra charge.

Primary Mirror Coating

Enhanced Aluminum - 96% reflectivity, with dielectric overcoat (a supreme coating) standard on all primary mirrors. See Optics page for more info.

Secondary Mirror Coating

An Obsession exclusive - Super enhanced Brilliant-Diamond is standard on all Obsession secondary mirrors. This premium multi-dielectric coating has 96% reflectivity at 550 nm. The ultimate coating for the deep sky obsessed. This coating is standard on all Obsession secondaries at no extra charge. Brilliant-Diamond is just one of the reasons Obsessions out perform all others.

With 96% enhanced on the primary and our standard 96% Brilliant Diamond secondary, the optical system is equivalent to an extra 2" of aperture!

12 volt cooling fan

telescope mirror cooling fan

12 volt cooling fan comes standard on all Classic and Ultra Compact scopes.

Fused quartz

22” UC Obsessions use fused quartz for the primary mirror glass.

more info

Optional Accessories:

See the Accessories page for more info on these items


$475 (Highly recommended at f/4.2)

Ripstop Nylon light shroud

(Highly recommended)

Barlow-Laser Collimator 2" barrel

(Highly recommended). Includes 2" magnetic barlow lens and mask for the new barlowed laser collimating technique. Great visual aid and no better way to accurately align fast Newtonians. learn how

Argo Navis digital setting circles
with ultra res 32K encoders

more info

ServoCAT Goto Drive System

more info

Dew heater for secondary mirror

Secondary mirror heating system automatically senses the air temperature and the mirror temperature, then maintains the secondary at a preset (adjustable) temperature above the ambient air temperature to prevent dewing or icing.

Pre-installed (if ordered).

more info

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Ordering Information:

A Deposit is required to place an order ($2,200 for 22" UC)

Mail the deposit to:

Obsession Telescopes
PO Box 804
Lake Mills, WI 53551

You can e-mail your order, or mail it with the deposit.

  • With your order, please list any options and/or accessories you want, your mailing address, e-mail address if any, and phone number(s).
  • After we receive it, we will send you an order confirmation letter.
  • Delivery is usually 1 to 2 months from time of order.
  • Please e-mail for current delivery times.
  • Balance due prior to shipment.
  • Prices do not include shipping and crating. We ship throughout the world via UPS.
  • Any questions, please call or e-mail.
  • NOTE 10% order cancelation charge.