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Just some of the scads of comments we receive from our truly Obsessed customers. When you own the best, it's nearly impossible not to become this enthusiastic and proud. Why settle for anything less?

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WATCHING THE SKY AT Bruneau Dunes State Park

Boise Astronomical Society

Boise Astronomical Society and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation joined forces to establish a public observatory in Bruneau Dunes State Park. This Observatory houses a 25-inch Obsession equipped with an CCD camera. The 25 ton building rotates 360 degrees in four minutes on a 30 foot diameter track.

Ranger Kevin Meyer

The 25-inch telescope at the Bruneau Dunes Observatory, broken down for winter, is now ready for a new season. "If you've ever looked through a telescope and had a minute to ponder it" says park ranger Kevin Meyer,"it's not like anything you've ever seen before. I know why they call this telescope 'The Obsession'". As one of the largest publicly available telescopes in the West, the park expects 2 to 3 thousand visitors this year. The observatory is located 60 miles east of Boise, Idaho and is funded by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. Photo by Katherine Jones, text by Susan Whaley/The Idaho Statesman, March 12, 2000

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Vance P, 20 inch owner in Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA says

Vance Petriew

"I wanted to personally let you know that I discovered a new comet (C/2001 Q2) this weekend at the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party with my 20" (#703). I found it Friday night by accident when I while I was attempting to find M1. I'll be posting an email to the Obsessionuser group tomorrow to let the Obsession world know too. Alan Dyer (Sky & Telescope writer) was at the star party and spent a good 3 hours at my telescope looking at various objects on Friday night before I found the comet. Alan has submitted a small article to Sky and Telescope and will probably be doing an article in the Nov/Dec SkyNews and the RASC Journal. This is truly an awesome scope under dark skies since I had no trouble finding Jones 1 without an O-III and I let Alan Dyer try out the scope and find the Crescent Nebula. The Veil simple the most incredible! I'm sure at least 80 people stopped by for a peek through "the big one". Alan Dyer made reference to the 20" Obsession at least 10 times in his presentations at the star party since he was so impressed by it the night before. Saturday night, he found me before I even had the telescope set up.."

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