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From the Obsessed

25" Owners

John Canaday, 25" owner in Bulgaria - September 2, 2014

Rod Williams

I just returned from 9 days at Tivoli/Namibia Astro-Farm in Namibia. The 25" Obsession performed flawlessly and was very popular with all.

From left to right:
Reinhold Schreiber, owner Tivoli/Namibia; John Canaday, owner 25" Obsession; Velimir Popov, from IRIDA Observatory, Bulgaria
photo by Emil Ivanov of IRIDA

Chad Quandt, 25" owner in Hanford, California - September 15, 2013


Been a long time since we talked. Back in 2009 you built me a 25" f/5, number 1772.

It's been a real workhorse and is doing great. This time last year, I installed a ServoCat drive on it and it has performed extremely well.

I've also gotten into astro-imaging, and while most of the images I take are through smaller scopes, I've found that the 25" is capable of taking wonderful Lunar images.

I've attached three images I took earlier this year with a Canon 60Da. The first is a prime focus shot showing the Lunar limb. The second image is of Copernicus, still at prime focus, but captured using Live View feed at 5x. The third image is of Tycho using the same technique.

My success with the Moon, both in imaging and with a binoviewer, has inspired me to dress up the scope a tad. I hope you will find it humorously appropriate.

Have a good one,

moon moon moon moon moon

Tim Conners, 25" owner in Statesboro, Georgea - April 22, 2013

Moon - Tim Conners

Dave, Shot these last night with my 25-inch f/5 and iPhone 4S. Used a Baader 90+ percent neutral density filter on my 31 mm Nagler for the Moon photo and just a little post-processing in Aperture.

I'm no astrophotographer, but the Moon shot rivals those in the magazines.

I put a 2.5x Powermate on my 6 mm Ethos for a magnification of 1300x on the Moon. The air would calm every minute or so and I'd get goosebumps from the views. I had to be resolving surface features less than a mile in diameter with that setup.

Tim Conners

UPDATE: September 6, 2013

Moon - Tim Conners

By the way, I've trucked that scope an integrated 2+ miles around my yard over the nine months that I've owned it, FULLY ASSEMBLED. If anybody questions portability of a 25 f/5, you can give them that stat. To be fair, my property is pretty level; but it's not manicured and pristine by any stretch. Lovin' it...

Rod Williams, 25” owner in Corowa, Australia - March 2, 2013

Rod Williams

Hi Dave,
I am very pleased to report all is working perfectly on my 25-inch f/5. Whilst I had some reservations about going very large aperture in one leap of faith (from 4" to 25") I can now confirm I will never look back with any regrets. The slick motion of the telescope when you hit the GOTO button blows me away every time the dialed up object is "spot on" in the field of view. It makes galaxy surfing a real pleasure when you know the object is going to be in the eyepiece when you step up that ladder.

The Great Southern Skies are a real treasure this time of year with both Omega Centauri and 47 Tucanae high in the sky. These objects provide great entertainment when showing first time observers. I just make sure I have a good grip on that ladder when they jerk back in surprise from the eyepiece.

Kind regards from the Land Down Under.

Tim C., 25" owner in Statesboro, Georgia - December 14, 2012

The clouds parted and it was truly glorious. M42 was absolutely astounding. I could spend many nights just on that.

The black gulf that defines the Horsehead was fairly easy to trace with an Hb filter. Incredible. I live only a few miles from a town of 20,000, with moderate light pollution, and with 20 minutes of glancing at my first stars through this scope, I'm tracing the Horsehead. That is mind-blowing!

And the Double Cluster went on forever...

I didn't have the dew heaters up yet nor the shroud on, otherwise I'd still be out there.

Anyway, I'm obviously loving this. Thanks, Dave, for designing such a wonderful system that's a joy to use. Yes, even carting the 25 inch fully assembled was easier than wrestling with my 8 inch f/6 with CGEM DX mount. The views were a wee bit better too... ;-)

Tim C. - Statesboro, Georgia

UPDATE - March 5, 2013:

Hi Dave,
Most everything is going great with the new 25-inch f/5. I'm really having a blast. Such a joy to use and to explore with. I just ache on those clear, moonless evening when I have other obligations. Last night, my 13-year-old daughter was using it to measure double star position angles and separations for a science fair project. Love it!!

Tim C.

UPDATE - March 19, 2013:

I wanted you to know that my 13 year old daughter, Maria, just took the top award in her school's science fair competition, measuring the orbits of a handful of double stars with my new 25-inch. She had a blast. The judges loved it. And Dad couldn't be happier...

Tim C.

Marie Conners

Marie Conners,
science fair winner

Marie Conners

Marie Conners,
science fair winner

Marie Conners

Marie Conners,
science fair winner

Marie Conners

25" with laser finders

Jon Isaacs, 25" owner in San Diego, California - April 9, 2011

Jon Isaacs 25" Obsession

Dave, I am a proud owner of an Obsession Telescope which I purchased used, I am very happy with it and totally amazed at the smooth, stiction free motion, I have owned other Dobs but I was not prepared for the perfection of the motion, standing on the ladder at 520x and effortlessly placing the target just where I wanted it.

I was surprised how easy the 25 is to use. We have a small place on 4 acres in the mountains about 70 miles east of San Diego, the scope lives in the garage so it only takes a few minutes to set it up, I think removing the cover takes the most time.

Jon Isaacs

Doug Finch, 25" owner in Birmingham, Alabama - November 13, 2010

Doug Finch 25" Obsession

That is my Obsession #19 getting ready for a night on Chandler Mountain. She is going on 21 years and still going strong! Just cleaned the mirror and the original Denton coating. It still looks perfect.

Doug Finch

Andrew L., 25" owner in Perth Australia - March 6, 2010

Hi Dave, Just thought I'd let you know everything worked perfectly straight out of the box. I’ve got some minor tweaks to do to the secondary to get the collimation right as the autocollimator and the barlowed laser don't agree. The goto and servocat were impressive, especially considering I've been a star-hopper all my life. Despite that, reds, greens and blue in M42 from a light-polluted suburban backyard made it worthwhile.

I've attached a pic you’re welcome to stick on your website at your discretion, although the humorless, politically correct brigade may find it a bit confronting. At least my kid's wearing a helmet. Cheers, Andrew

Will O., 25" owner - January 14, 2010

I've only had one opportunity to get out to my dark site since I got the 25" but what a night! My most memorable views were of the Perseus galaxy cluster with NGC1275. I spent 30 minutes in this area and I kept seeing more and more the longer I looked. Thor's Helmet (NGC2359) was beautiful and seemed three dimensional. The detail is so astounding that it takes a while to have it all sink in!

I am most surprised at how easy it is to use a scope of this size. In spite of it's size, I setup and was ready for observing in less than half the time it took with my 16". Any doubts I had about using a large scope were removed after handling this for the first time. Great design and engineering! Will

Chad Q., 25" owner in Lemoore, California - December 26, 2009

Dave, I just wanted to give you a long overdue update on the 25" f/5. My girlfriend and I celebrated Christmas morning the right way this year.

Between my work schedule, the weather, and the phase of the Moon, I still had not been able to take the 25" out to a dark site. Last night however, the weather was clear and we only had to wait for the Moon to set. So we packed up the trailer and drove up to Sequoia National Park in the Sierra's, which is only about an hour and a half away. Being Christmas Eve, there was hardly anyone else around and right around midnight the Moon finally dropped below the horizon.

The first target was M42 and it was spectacular. Vibrant blues and greens filled the view in the 31mm Nagler. One section, however, remained much more neutral. I would hesitate to say that I could see pink, but more of a warm gray. The view showed striking detail, much like a photograph, only far better!

Next was the Horsehead, which I had never been able to see despite much effort and wishful thinking. Scanning the region south of Alnitak, I could sense a faint glow, but was still uncertain. After putting in an H-Beta filter it was obvious. Imagine that, the Horsehead, obvious?

After spending a considerable amount of time in Orion, and with the temperature dropping to freezing in the early hours of Christmas morning in the mountains, we wrapped up our first dark sky event with a whirlwind tour of galaxies and nebulae in Ursa Major and Leo.

My only regret is that I had so much fun star-hopping between my old favorites that I never bothered to hook up the Argo Navis DSC. I had practiced this at home and was looking forward to seeing some new sky, but I was just having too much fun to take a break.

Anyway, after so much waiting it's nice to finally get to use the 25" for what it was made for and I am very thankful for the friendly service and high quality product from Obsession.

Merry Christmas! Chad Q.

Will W., 25" owner - December 10, 2009

I am most surprised at how easy it is to use a scope of this size. In spite of it's size, I setup and was ready for observing in less than half the time it took with my 16". Any doubts I had about using a large scope were removed after handling this for the first time. Great design and engineering!


Maurizio Di Bitetto, 25" owner in Rome, Italy - May 28, 2009

Hello, since I had your mirror (25-17-081304) in 2004, I never send you any info of quality vision about it. At today I'ld tell you that in every Star-party here in Italy I made, during last years, everybody admit that my 25" mirror is the best and best superb quality optics that all people saw around. Last week I went near a 30" homemade scope, M13 was an explosion of pinpoints stars on my 25", the 30" F5 was so poor and people queued by me all the night. My Obsession scope with Servocat and Argonavis pointed every objects and go-to in the perfect way. Everybody were astonished of it! And the seeing was very poor all the night! I thank you for that James and also I thank you Dave! Best regards! Maurizio Di Bitetto

David R., 25" owner in Southern Maryland - April 18, 2009

Dave, During the recent 100 hours of Astronomy weekend I plunked the 25" down in the middle of a local college campus. Wow, was that fun. The students had never seen anything like it before and did it draw a crowd. Most had never looked through a telescope before and really got a treat. Last night I was out a my local dark sky spot and had a blast exploring galaxies. I really enjoy the spring galaxy season. There is a small road near the observing site for a few local houses. During setup one car stopped and a couple got out and asked about my scope. They have a scope they have not used for awhile and were wondering how to hook up with the local astronomers. The guy came back later and hung out for awhile. After he left, my astronomy buddy said "sometimes I'm glad I don't have a hugh telescope" referring to the attention it draws. I love it. What better way to bring folks back or into the hobby by having this telescope to spark the interest.

David R.

Rob Hutchins, 25" owner in Rancho Palos Verdes, California - August 4, 2008

I'm really enjoying the scope you made for me. Last Saturday there were easily 100 amateurs up there with quite an array of equipment. The only complaint I've got is that too many people want to look through the scope! It's typically midnight when things calm down and I can do some serious viewing.

Clear skies, Rob Hutchins

Joseph Guida, 25" Owner in Scottsdale, AZ - December 21, 2007

I bought a 25" f/5.0 from you in 2005. One can truly appreciate how enjoyable a scope is to use when one considers the amount of marital discontent the hobby can cause. Unfortunately for my wife, when I develop a tachycardia at 11:00PM and it isn't due to something going on in the marital bed, it alway means I have found a new Deep Sky Object or a new comet or something astronomical....I betcha you and your scopes have really tested the quality of marriages more often than the quality of optics!

David Robinson, 25" Owner in Southern Maryland - October 21, 2007

Dave, For the first time since I bought your scope in July, I had the chance to take the 25" out to my local dark sky spot all by myself at the last new moon. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy entertaining folks with this scope but having it for myself for the first time was excellent. I was using Peterson's star guide to star hop my way around. One of my goals was to view NGC7331 in Pegasus. I have seen this galaxy before with my 25" but someone else did the star hopping to it. Finding it was fairly easy but I got confused. I was sure I was looking at NGC7331 but there were other galaxies around it too. The Peterson's field guide does not not show any other galaxies. For a brief time I thought I was looking at Stephen's Quintet but soon ruled that out when I moved the scope and found them too. I had no choice but to break out the Uranometria and found that NGC7331 is surrounded by 4 other galaxies! Finding the unexpected galaxies around NGC7331 made my night. Only an amateur astronomer with one of your scopes would think that this is way cool.

David Robinson. Southern Maryland

Vince Gratton, 25" owner - September 2, 2007

DAVE, By the way, I know you hear this a lot but everyone who has ever looked through this scope says its unbelievable, I had it over at a friends house last night for a cookout / party and I was so busy entertaining people with the scope I only got to drink one beer all night.

David R., 25" owner in St. Mary's City, Maryland - August 4, 2007

This Telescope is Amazing! One finger to move it and it stayed put with any size EP. We had a tremendous night. My highlight was seeing the pillars of creation. I have a post on CN with an observing report. The scope is beautiful and quite large. One of the main reasons I purchased this scope besides Obsession's outstanding reputation is the look of the wood. I simply love it.

Update - September 4, 2007:

I took the 25" to the Almost Heaven Star Party in WVA last weekend and was able to observe on Saturday night There were two other Obsession 25's at the event but both were located at a different camp site so my scope got a lot of attention at my campsite. During the day, it seemed no one could just walk by without first stopping and looking at the scope. During the night's viewing session I usually had from two to four (maybe more) folks waiting to take a peek at whatever I was viewing. I heard a lot of, "holy cow" (this is the clean version), "Oh my God", and a lot of "The best view I have ever had of..." Not exactly why I bought the scope but if confirms why I bought the scope. David R.

Ed Greding, 25" owner in Harper, Texas - 3.20.07

The telescope is indeed a thing of beauty.

Russ R., 25" owner in Sahuarita, Arizona - 3.10.07

Hi Dave!!, Got the 25"! Its a damn work of art - AWESOME!!! Thank you!!

Follow-up - 3.11.07:

Hey Dave! First light for the 25" last night - AMAZING is the only work I can think of (and I didn't even have it aligned correctly - look out for tonight!!!) Thanks for the incredible instrument Dave!!!

Ed G., 25" owner in Harper, Texas - 3.01.07

Your instructions and video were just great. The 25" gives fantastic views. Weather and the Moon have permitted me only four good nights, but they were wonderful. So far my favorite object has been M104. In the 25" Obsession it's an incredible sight to see. So is M3, and the brighter galaxies in Leo. Mainly, I am writing to compliment you on the creation of a magnificent telescope. I must be obsessed, since I dreamed about that telescope last night.

David R., 25 inch owner in Gardiner, New York - 1.19.07

Hey all, It works! As some of you know, I got my 25" Obsession two months early (when is the last time that happened?) about two weeks ago. The first (and only) target was the Orion Nebula. All I can say! The details were amazing, lots of tendrils winding their way through the nebula with distinct dark patches in the clouds. I went swimming in Orion! Anyway, the quality of the scope is excellent. It looks more like a piece of fine furniture - really pretty! Dave and the folks at Obsession have a fine product.

Gustavo and Antonio Román Reche in Ganada Spain

We aligned the mirrors with the laser then directed the telescope to the Veil nebula. All my fears disappeared. The view was amazing!! We could see details that are visible in pictures of long exposure. My friend could not believe what he was seeing. Then we saw Messier 27, with the filter OIII and two ears were visible, it seemed another nebula. Globular clusters can be resolved to their core. In Saturn we saw to the rings A, B, C and the division of Cassini and Encke. Another thing that it has surprised me a lot it is that colors can be seen. Messier 57 in Lyra appears with a violet border and the great nebula of Orion is red and blue although very delicate. Thank you for this great telescope. It is very well done and I will enjoy it all my life.

Lynn G., 25 inch owner in Burnet, TX

I wanted to tell you that the 25 inch scope is a real performer. I thought the XXXX I had was smooth, but your scope takes smooth and start / stop moments of inertia to yet another level. I had viewed with other folks Obsessions but never had enough higher power ep time with a non tracking model to be able to appreciate just how nicely you can observe at all magnifications through 453X, hand tracking.

David B., 25 inch owner in Seattle, Washington

I took my 25" to OSP this year again and had the best observing run ever. I observed 5 nights, and the conditions were really good every night: limiting visual magnitude ~6.5+, ~1" seeing, calm or light winds. Conditions were so good I was able to resolve globular clusters almost on the horizon in Sagittarius at 266X -- M69, M70 and the NGC galaxies even further south!

Overhead the conditions were even better. All five of Stephan's Q were easy in direct vision, my best view ever. Faintest object I observed was a tiny galaxy near M13 (IC4617, mag 15.5). The OSP folks compiled a couple of observing lists, including one called "Dim and Dimmer". On the "Dim" list was NGC 6207, the mag 12.2 galaxy about 1/2 degree from M13. That was easy. IC4617 was on the "Dimmer" list and it sure was definitely NOT easy! Even in 25" under great conditions I could see it only in averted vision.

The telescope performed very well, both optically and mechanically. Using the Argo Navis mount-error software I was able to reliably point the scope with the Go-To within ~5'or so of my targets. When using the Local Sync feature, it was even better. The optics performed great - lots of subtle texture and detail, for example, in NGC253. Even was able to see some of the galaxies with really low surface brightness like NGC300 (the most challenging due to its location virtually on the horizon).

Great time was had by all - about 700 attendees. Obsessions there included 2 25s and ~5-6 18s. This is a great event, and if you're looking for a great star party for next August this is one to consider.

David B.

Tony DeLia, 25 inch owner in Madison, Florida

Hi Dave, Telescope is amazing and it's not even optimized yet. First light was Tuesday and even on an extremely light polluted loading dock the moon and Saturn were awesome.

Thanks for this incredible piece of hardware!

Tony DeLia
Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics North Florida Community College

Perry Vlahos writer for Australian Sky and Telescope magazine
April 2005 page 80 about the Astronomical Society of Victoria's
"Star-bar-que" and 25 inch."

My personal impressions of this telescope's performance will stay with me for a long, long time. In my many years of astronomical observing, I've looked through countless telescopes, from the smallest to the largest. This is the first time that I've had to complain that a deep sky object had taken away my night vision! When the telescope was coupled with the 14kg bowling ball-sized Nagler eyepiece and fixed on the Orion Nebulae, this is exactly what happened. Even though I was receiving catcalls and jeers from those standing in line to take a look, I took my time at the eyepiece to drink in the whole scene-perhaps a little longer than I should, but it was so bright and breathtaking I felt like a moth drawn to a flame."

Earnie R., 25 inch owner in Parlin, New Jersey

"The optics are just first rate, stars are pinpoints, and I had a chance to do side by side comparisons with some of my other scopes. I found it to have sharper optics then my 18 inch, and rivaling my planetary scopes, refractors and reflectors which have custom mirrors. It's was amazing to see such a large mirror have such pinpoint images, and the sky where I did this is very heavily light polluted. Everyone that has seen the scope says how wonderful the workmanship, optics, and it's ease of movement is. Thank You for a first rate scope."

Bob B., 25 inch owner in Philomath Oregon

"I got to see some simply stunning views under good seeing and clear skies. I was absolutely astonished at the detail that was plainly visible in the Whirlpool galaxy. People who had never seen photographs of this object could easily see the spiral arms in detail. It was absolutely beautiful. The globular cluster M13 was vivid, resolved into thousands of stars down into its core. It was more beautiful that photographs because of the depth and richness of stars from bright to dim. M22, the globular cluster in Sagittarius also displayed a wonderful range of colors in the stars giving even more depth to the view. It was very satisfying to see Epsilon Lyra cleanly split into four stars. As my observing buddy said, "You could drive a truck between them." It was an amazing night with memories that will last forever. Thanks again for all of your help getting this scope together. It is a dream come true for me and this is only the beginning."

Earnest R., 25 inch owner in Parlin, New Jersey

"I belong to three clubs and have a great dark sky site at my second home in the catskill mountains. I have many star parties and my friends can't say enough about the 25" Obsession. Several of them own 18" and one owns a 20 inch Obsession. I just got back from observing at the New Mexico Sky Inn and I used their XXXX 25" f/4, and the scope doesn't move like an Obsession or is made as well."

Allen B., 25" owner in West Chester Pennsylvania

"I'm coming up on my 4th anniversary and I still get chills looking through the eyepiece at a dark site. I've had the opportunity to look through and use a variety of scopes and I wouldn't trade mine for any of them. When it comes to simple setup and design, you have them all beat. I've never felt anything that moved like an Obsession - it truly has to be experienced to be believed. It is frustrating to view at other eyepieces when you don't have that silky smooth control. One thing bears mentioning for sure. This scope was my first "real" scope. In other words, a complete and utter amateur like myself can easily learn to use and greatly enjoy a spectacular instrument that allows someone to fulfill their childhood dreams. On nights that I have the collimation perfect and the NGCMAX dialed in right, there is nothing known that I can't see - skies permitting, of course."

Mike K., 25 inch owner in Epping, Australia

"A quick note to let you know that I took delivery of the scope yesterday and everything is OK. The scope is now sitting in my lounge room (!!) where I'll play around with it pending completion of my roll-off observatory. While I know the Obsessions well (mine is now the 4th in our club), I'm still impressed with the quality and workmanship. Congratulations on a great job."

Larry M., 25 inch owner in Ventura, California

"The 25" has been just incredible. The views are awesome. Many of the globular clusters were resolved so deep they had a 3D effect. The jump from the 18" to the 25" was well worth it. The scope moves just as easily as the 18" did, one hand guiding. Planets or deep space, this is the ultimate scope. I'll be revisiting objects for years. Thanks for everything!"

John H., 25 inch owner in San Diego, California

"At last, the clouds parted long enough for me to take my 25" to the desert! I loaded my scope and my friend Ted's 8" SCT into the Odyssey. They fit easily, along with all the sleeping gear we ended up not using. I wanted my first light to be something memorable, something that said this is what a 25" scope can do. When the sky finally darkened, I borrowed an H-Beta filter, plugged in my Nag 31 and tried my luck with the Horsehead. Never having seen it before, I wondered if this was such a great idea. The nebula has the reputation of being very tough and I wasn't even sure what scale I should be expecting. I aimed the scope at Alnitak (Zeta Orionis), drifted down a field and there it was! I didn't lose any night vision with it, but it was absolutely distinct: a black thumb impressed on a red veil. The rest of the night was as delicious. NGC 4565 was incredible. It looked like the Martians about to land. Omega Centauri blew me away, even though it was hovering just over the hot desert horizon. I looked at M101, not expecting much. Man, the detail! And on and on through the too short night...One last note: M57 really does look like a danish! "

David T., in Austin Texas

"I had the 25 f/5 under dark skies this last weekend. The seeing steadied up and we viewed the Saturn nebula at 500-1000X. Absolutely amazing. "Cherry picked" some Hickson groups out of Pegasus. I could go on and on. My advice to those who ask "How do you like your 25?" is to sell all other scopes but maybe the richfield and buy the 25. Obsession scopes are an amazing value (especially when compared to AP, Tak, Tec).You have made a legendary contribution to amateur astronomy."

John H., 25" owner in the Monterey California

"I'm starting my spring cleaning to get my 25" Obsession with Galaxy mirror ready for another season of public sessions and private viewing. I thought I'd write to thank you again for this stunning mirror. Last year I used the scope in a series of public programs at National and state parks. Star party viewing involved somewhere between 800 to 1200 people. Objects ranged from Jupiter and comets down to planetaries and 15th to 16th magnitude galaxies (with the public!). The public viewers were delighted with them all. For deep sky objects, I try to get the viewer to relax and take in details. (For example, on the Saturn nebula, it's not uncommon for visitors to begin describing the blue-green color, then stop and mention that they see "ears" -- the ansae, and then go on to describe rings and interior structure). As for my own viewing, I am truly delighted."

Doug F., 25 inch owner in Birmingham, Alabama

"Dave K is the supreme Jedi master of dobs, and has always given me any support that was needed. When you see how well these things are built, and perform on deep sky and the planets, you will not be satisfied with anything else. I have had mine for ten years, and I am always amazed by the views!"

David T., 25 inch owner in Austin Texas

"I had the 25 f/5 under dark skies this last weekend. The seeing steadied up and we viewed the Saturn nebula at 500-1000X. Absolutely amazing. "Cherry picked" some Hickson groups out of Pegasus. I could go on and on. My advice to those who ask "How do you like your 25?" is to sell all other scopes but maybe the richfield and buy the 25. Obsession scopes are an amazing value (especially when compared to AP, Tak, Tec).You have made a legendary contribution to amateur astronomy."

John H., 25 inch owner in Monteray California

"My Obsession 25" f/5 delighted crowds of people here at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, this June. We set the scope up on the Limestone patio of the Lodge. Viewing on the southern horizon was not effected by thermals -- the scope was looking over a mile-deep hole that extended for the next 10 miles!"

Mike H., 25 inch owner in Pine Mountain Club California

"I just love the new 25 inch. Have used it maybe 20 nights since it arrived. Everything works flawlessly. With the tracking engaged you can finally see all the fine detail at high power. I will send you a picture as soon as we get some snow on Mt. Pinos."

Doug F., 25 inch owner in Alabama

"I've had my 25 inch scope for 10 years now and it just keeps getting better! At 800 power and a bino viewer the views of Jupiter and Saturn were orgasmic. The scale was huge. Words cannot describe how much detail was visible. The Red spot showed structure and varying color shades. There was a visible shock wave leading thru the group and a huge complex of white ovals trailing behind. There was a shadow transit in progress and the moon was a razor sharp disc. The spokes and detail in the C ring of Saturn was ridiculous! I still cannot believe what I saw last night."

Mike S., 25 inch owner in Boulder Creek California

"Oh joy of joys! Tonight I *finally* got to see the Veil Nebula (NGC6960, aka Cirrus Nebula, Filamentary Nebula, Lace-work Nebula) in Cygnus with my 25", using my OIII filter (in Roger's filter slide, thank you Roger!) My god, what a beautiful nebula! It's so huge (almost 3.5 degrees) that with my 35mm eyepiece (my lowest power) I had to really pan around to see the whole thing. But man, was it worth it. This nebula was one of the reasons I wanted to get a large-aperture telescope in the first place. It showed up kinda "eh, ok" in my 10" scope. But tonight, wow! Also viewed: the Black Eye Nebula (M64), the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51, one of my favorites), which showed definite spiral structure. I just want to thank Dave K and the folks at Galaxy for making such a wonderful telescope and mirror."

John H., 25 inch owner in Monterey California

"Suffice it to say that for my interest in promoting public astronomy, the Obsession 25" f/5 is a tremendous resource. There were excellent observing conditions on four out of the five nights I was at the North Rim, although low level safety lighting was present. Approximately 200 people a night came through the line. And they took more than fleeting and perfunctory glances. I like to use the observing descriptions from O'Meara's Caldwell and Messier books as a guide for newcomers as they relax and begin to see what's in the eyepiece. Even first-time observers would get many of the features described by O'Meara. I was amazed to find that several young visitors, ten to twelve years old, could see all of the O'Meara features highlighted for a given object... Even experienced amateurs would shake their heads in amazement at "how much more there was" to an object in the 25".

David D., 25 inch owner in Tallahassee, Florida

"I took my 25" out last night, despite mediocre seeing, and wowed the kids and my wife with views of the planets, some clusters and nebulae. I have owned several telescopes, but this is the only scope that inspires. In fact, my wife has made only one polite demand on my astronomy hobby..."Please, don't sell the Obsession." Thanks for a great scope!"

Alex M., 25 inch owner in Broussard, Louisiana

"Everything arrived in fine shape. Some days later I set up for the first time, found Polaris and what I thought was a 'ghost reflection' on first glance thru the scope. When focused, the ghost was Polaris' (mag 9?) companion, hanging out there bright and separate as I'd never before seen. Polaris itself was brilliant blue-white, all that light pulled into a tight point, with faint and beauteous diffraction spikes just perfect. My plan for that night was just to test the focuser travel, but I couldn't resist a peek at Arcturus, just to see what a 1st-mag star looked like. That golden sucker about knocked me off the ladder. It was brighter than any of the streetlights on my horizon. A few nights later I took the scope to a dark sky site in central Louisiana. I spent a few hours cruising the big classics - - M51, M81/82, Ring, M13, Sombrero, M5, etc., and (from my 31degN latitude) Omega Centauri, while I sat in my lawn chair with the eyepiece just at the right height. Such sites were meant to be absorbed by real human retinae, in real time! Everything with this scope is superb. Thanks for the fine work!"

John H., 25 inch owner in Monterey California

"The results are stunning! I finally was able to star test the scope last night. I wanted to pass along a short note expressing my sincere appreciation for your truly wonderful products and for your commitment to quality and innovation."

Joe G., 25 inch owner in Scottsdale Arizona

"Thanks for a great scope. I must say that the stars are so pinpoint and my planetary images so resolved, that I feel likeI am looking through the best Astrophysics refractor at times! I love this scope.... if you weren't a guy, I'd kiss ya..."

Benjamin C., 25 inch owner in Texas

"I went camping at Dinosaur Valley State Park over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was the first chance to use my new 25-inch away from city lights. Those three nights were among the best of my life. The scope is very easy to use and a lot of fun."

Joe G., 25 inch owner in HorseShoeRun West Virginia

"Well in the six months that I have had the Obsession,last night was only the second opportunity to try it out. Cheese n crackers, between the weather [rain forever] and work, it has been difficult to find time. Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I love this telescope! For the sheer size of i, it is a dream to set up and use. The few images I have been able to see are incredible. Just to see color in nebulas is awe-inspiring. I am very delighted in the Obsession and I want to thank you for building it. I look forward to many nights of gazing and any help you might offer."

Roger Larsen, 25 inch owner in Nebraska

"Went out Sunday night for the first time. The images were out of this world! M51 was breathtaking. I could not believe the detail. Thanks for making my dream telescope a reality."

Joe G., 25 inch owner in Arizona

"Oh, and Dave...with a Strehl at 0.98...and a laser collimator at the helm, I have *never* seen such pinpoint stars at such high powers. I can say without reservation that I have never seen the Trapezium at the heart of the Orion Nebula with such clarity, enrobed in wispy detail that defies even the better astrophotographers using smaller apertures. The complaints regarding arduous set up of larger aperture instruments have always been a bunch of crap, and now with the easy setup and wonderful view of this scope, those complaints have reached more profound levels of fecality!"

John H., 25 inch owner in St Edmunds England

"My 25 arrived in perfect condition following a smooth shipping process. Since then every night has been clear. The instructions are very good and yes you need a whole day to do it. Easy to assemble, take down and collimate. Very natural finger tip control. Fantastic. The scope is also a real pleasure just to look at."

Randy R., 25 inch owner in Houston Texas

"Dear Dave, Last night (albeit with a 2/3 Moon high in the sky all night), Andy and I finally took my 25" Obsession with ServoCAT and Argo Navis out to the TAS "dark sky" site for it's maiden voyage. I plugged all the cables in after getting there and setting up right at dusk (as usual) and finding myself in darkness (with Moon) I turned on the Argo Navis did an alignment on Polaris and then a second star (Rigel), then I flipped the switch on the power strip that ServoCAT is controlled from and it came online. I entered M42 and hit "GoTo" and it went to and tracked at 300X for 30-minutes! First time to try it out! No hassles, no fuss, no muss. Simple two-star alignment, turn the unit on, dial the object from the very user-friendly catalogues and then hit the GoTo button. I expected a night full of frustration with troubleshooting, plugging in my laptop and trying to diagnose electrical problems. Amazingly this never happened. What did happen was it worked first time, every time. The spiral search feature is WAY-COOL. I cannot wait to try it out on a really dark night without all the dew/Moonlight. If you haven't gotten the AN/CAT combination already ordered - sell all you have and do so immediately. I don't have RXDesigns stock, but am ONE extremely satisfied customer. You have a real winner here."

Richard B., 25 inch owner

"I saw the eyes of the Owl Nebula and galaxies in the bowl of Ursa Major for the first time in my life. What a rush!!!".

John Paul L., 25 inch owner in Ben Lomond, California

"I thought you would want to chalk up one more Very Thrilled customer to your roster of grateful Photon Junkies. #602 was an absolute hit at our inaugural star party at Pinnacles national monument. It's three times the scope I had (17.5 inch), and I can only agree It's everything I had hoped for and more. You are to be commended an congratulated on having built a fantastic and beautiful instrument that sees as good as it looks. 30 people were in awe that I was able to so expertly set up, align and wield so powerful an instrument all by myself the first time out. I am utterly thrilled, and thank you again for making a Dream come true."