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From the Obsessed

15" Owners

Terry Benner, 15" owner in Perkasie, Pennsylvania - August 28, 2020

15" obsession

I have now had the better part of a full observing season with my 15" classic Dob (# 1898) which you shipped to me last December. I can say without any reservation that this is the finest telescope I've ever had or used. Not only is it well balanced (I use a standard finder-scope and therefore attached your counterweight set to the base behind the primary) but the movement is, as I've seen others describe it as, very smooth and "butter-like" with absolutely no backlash. Collimation is a breeze and much quicker and easier than any other scope I've owned. I can't believe how fine the optics appear to be even on nights of not the best seeing. I am a variable star observer and have been a member or AAVSO since 1980. This branch of astronomy often requires the ability to see stars at the threshold of visibility. I am seeing everything I was able to see with my last scope which was a 17.5" f/4.1. solid tube Dob. and with significantly better contrast. I'm not as young as I used to be and I decided to scale back to a slightly smaller scope for that reason. Using this scope, as well as moving it (I am able to move it fully assembled with the wheelbarrow handles), is a snap and my back thanks you for that. Beyond everything I mentioned above, this scope is aesthetically very appealing. I see no reason to ever purchase another scope. Thank you Dave for a fine piece of craftsmanship which I expect to be using during my retirement years as long as I have the mobility to do so.

Terry Benner

Jeff Seager, 15" owner in Layton, Utah - July 28, 2019

Last night turned out to be clear skies, so my wife and I decided to try the scope out for the first time on our driveway. I’d previously assembled the scope once indoors, so the second time was quite easy. The light shroud fit great, and everything else went together perfectly. After a quick collimation tweak, and Telrad alignment, we were ready to begin viewing. Since the sun had been down for only about 20 minutes, Jupiter and Saturn would be the first targets. Through a 7mm Televue Delite, the detail on both planets was amazing. Noticeably better that my old Orion 10” and Televue 85. As the sky darkened, I moved to M13. Even with all the sky glow from the city, the view was better than my 10” from a dark site. The Ring and Dumbbell nebulas were also very impressive through 17mm and 12mm T4 Naglers.

I’m very impressed with the telescope and look forward to getting it under some darker skies!

Jeff Seager

Joel Weaver, 15” owner - March 30, 2018

15" obsession

Mike W., 15” owner in Goodyear, Arizona - November 21, 2016

I still have the 15" Obsession that I ordered from you 14 years ago and I doubt I'll ever stop using it. It's starting to show some miles but it still works as perfectly as the day I bought it.
Mike W.

Mike B., 15" owner in Vancouver, Washington - June 3, 2016

15" obsession

I am now into the second year since I purchased my 15” Classic Obsession. In a nut shell it was the best decision I have made since I jumped head first into astronomy 2 years ago. I just returned from our astronomy’s star party where the views the scope was providing were amazing. I was inviting fellow members to share my eye piece throughout the evening. One of our members, as seasoned veteran of 18 years, was so impressed by the views of M51, the Veil Nebula, Bode’s Nebula, the Sombrero Galaxy, etc. that she was considering purchasing one. For me, the 15” Classic has hit the sweet spot between portability and aperture. I am one happy amateur astronomer.

Thanks-Mike B

Niall K., 15" owner in Ireland - April 26, 2016

I'm loving my 15" Classic - it's just a joy to use :) I wanted a step up in aperture that would be portable, no fuss, real easy to set up - and it has delivered in spades. It moves so smoothly that tracking at 400x is just effortless; I just love that I can move a fraction of the FOV without overshoot or backlash - with essentially immediate damping. Have seen stunning detail on Jupiter this apparition, and just love the aperture increase on DSOs. Argo Navis has been great - less than a minute to align, very user friendly, and robustly accurate. Even my wife who complained in the past about my 10" solid tube in the corner of a spare room concedes that the Obsession is also beautiful to look at!

Many thanks
Niall K

Mark Mazerski, 15" owner in Ellicott City, Maryland - June 18, 2015

I purchased the 15" Classic with the electronics package and finally was able to give it a real test last night. The scope is so cool looking - like a cannon... I had everything set, locked on 2 stars in the Argo, heard beeps and then had solid LEDs on the CAT. I dialed in M5 - it went right to it and was well placed in the FOV. The view was beautiful, crisp pinpoint stars and a lot of them, same for M13 as well as other M objects. A joy to use.

Mark Mazerski

Andy, 15" owner in Corpus Christi, Texas - November 21, 2013

Dear Dave,
I know you probably get inundated with happy customer emails so I thought I'd pile on another.

First Light was last Tuesday. Field setup and collimation was a snap. We checked out the Orion Nebulae at very low angle. Had to get down on hands and knees. The scope was about 22°. With Ethos 13 it was still beautiful. Freaking amazing!


Bill B., 15" owner in Alabaster, Alabama - June 15, 2014

My father was a master gunsmith and wood worker, and my home is filled with walnut and cherry furniture of his making, as well as that of other fine craftsmen. I know good woodwork when I see it. I tell you that to say this. The cabinet work on my scope is excellent. It fact, it is the best work I have ever seen with plywood which I find notoriously difficult to finish well. Please pass my compliments to the craftsman. The install of the setting circles and ServoCat was very clean, making me thankful that I ordered that with the initial scope purchase.

Thank you again for a job well done.
Bill B

Steve P., 15" owner in Yucaipa, California - November 13, 2013

Great Service from Dave Kriege!

I've owned my 15" classic for 8 years and have always got excellent support from Dave. I seldom post here but I am so grateful for my recent experience. In unloading an item from my mini van I accidentally scraped across the surface of one of the scopes bearings, attached to the mirror box. Some of the graphite laminate material was broken off and damaged. I thought OMG what do I do now. I e-mailed Dave and he e-mailed back and said to mail the bearing to him and he'd put on a new layer of material. He said the charge would be time, material, and, return postage. He didn't know what the total would come to. Over the years when I've had other mishaps, like a broken altitude encoder, Dave has always been fair so I mailed in the bearing. Within just a few days after receiving it I got an e-mail from Dave saying that my total charge was $30 for the time and material and $12.66 for return postage. He had already mailed out my repaired bearing to me. I was thrilled with the excellent service and a very reasonable price and put a check in the mail immediately. I have never regretted buying my Obsession and highly recommend Obsession Telescopes for their quality and service.

Rafael Leâo, 15" owner in Brazil - August 17, 2013

Rafael Leâo

Hello Dave, The telescope arrived in Brazil in perfect state, the UPS store in Madison did a great job packing it.

I am very impressed with the facility to assembly the telescope (Is much faster than my previous one) and the easiness to use. Me and my wife (she is a professional astrophysicist) are really enjoying it (in two days we observed Venus, Saturn, Omega Centauri!!!, M104, M7, M6, M8!, M20, M18, M17!!, M57, M22, M24, M21, M18, M16!, M69, M70, M54, M25 and M23). As I said in the e-mail for the forum Omega Centauri was one of the most incredible views that I ever had.

Thanks a lot, Rafael Leâo

Dave Cooper, 15" owner in Palo Alto, California - July 22, 2013

The mirror performs beautifully by the way. At the recent GSSP star party it provided some exceptional views of Saturn as well as many other deep sky objects. And as I have mentioned before, for the past decade I have done most of my observing with an AP155 refractor. The view of Saturn at GSSP was better than any view I have had through the AP155. Very impressive!

Dave Cooper

Don Moses, 15" owner in San Antonio Texas - November 2, 2012

The sky literally lights up with stars. Where there seems to be nothing, there are literally thousands of stars. And that at 55x. Amazing, simply amazing. I wish I had the Telrad aligned. Maybe I can align it on Polaris.

Best $9,000 I ever spent... more or less... probably more.

Don Moses
S.A.L.S.A. (San Antonio League of Sidewalk Astronomers)
S.M.A.S.H. (Small Model Airplane Society of Harlingen)

Refet D., 15" owner in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin - June 17, 2010

God bless you for the design of the scopes you made beautifully and easy. I did like the DVD came with the scope was recorded in texas. Sharing some video astronomy with you.

Clear skies. Refet

Brion D., 15" owner in Winnipeg Canada - April 18, 2010

Wow. I've told you I wanted to go galaxy hunting with this scope and it didn't disappoint! Been targeting M51 from pretty much everywhere I've observed, and last night kept coming back to it the sky got darker. What a view! Also was really impressed with M101 - that thing is HUGE! Other highlights were Markarian's Chain where I saw more galaxies than in any of my other observing sessions (very easily saw nine galaxies in a single field of view of the 22mm Nagler), seeing the "eye" in M64, various "double galaxies", and NGC 4244, which I can't see at all from my backyard but was so obvious in the dark sky. Even glimpsed the "Antennae" low on the horizon. Looked at a few globulars as well, nice to be able to look at them with direct vision! And guiding me through all this was the Argo Navis, what a joy to use after paying my dues using analog setting circles for the longest time. Thanks for making such a great scope - hope to enjoy it for a long time!

Cheers, Brion

John H., 15" owner in Surrey England - March 16, 2010

Well, what a week I had at the really dark sky site in Wales! I was out with the telescope six nights in succession, with clear skies and virtually no wind. So many wonderful views of so many objects! Most memorable I suppose were M42 and M43, then Saturn and its moons. But also I enjoyed the clusters M37, M46 with its planetary, and even one of my favourites NGC7789 low down in Cassiopeia (which I discovered with binoculars some years ago), spiral arms in M51 and M101, dark lanes in M104 and NGC4565, and M82, and the globulars M3, M5, M13 and M92 (really braving freezing temperatures to see these!). One night I spent looking at the galaxies in Leo, Virgo, Coma B., Canes V. - so nice to find them quickly with the AN/SC as it gives so much more time to really look at them and observe the structure within them. According to my notes I looked at 32 galaxies in these 4 constellations that night; the 9 galaxies on view looking at M84/M86 are an amazing sight.

Once again, thanks for your help Dave - you have another really happy customer! Another picture is attached, showing me preparing to go out.

Best regards, John

John H., 15" owner in Windlesham, England - February 25, 2010

I was blown away by the Orion Nebula, and more recently Saturn. Also wonderful views of the clusters in Auriga, and the multiple stars sigma orionis, beta monocerotis and iota cancri. I even got a fine view of the Leo galaxies M65, M66 and NGC 3628 even though my garden is definitely not a dark sky site and I have to look over the house. I had previously only been able to see NGC 3628 with averted vision through my 8” Dob, so it was great to find it so obvious in the Obsession, and those Teleview eyepieces have such an amazingly wide FOV.
John H.

Ken Wrobel., 15" owner in Lahaina, Hawaii - September 18, 2009

I recently put in an Argo Navis / Servo Cat on my Obsession and just love it. Man that system works well! And Kudos to you again for designing the best scope I have ever used.

In the photo, me at the Haleakala Amateur Observers site at 9965 ft near the summit of Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii. It's a great spot given to the group by University of Hawaii. It's fun to observe amongst the big scopes up there and the skys are spectacular.

Thanks again for building the best scope I've ever used!

Aloha, Ken Wrobel

Johnny, 15" owner in Sherman Oaks, California - May 31, 2009

Hey Dave K - just wanted to thank you again for making a great scope, my 15" F/4.5 with OMI mirror was a huge hit at the Joshua Tree Video Astronomy Fest, it performed beautifully and produced incredible crisp images with the Mallincam that received loads of compliments from everyone. The 15" really seems to hit the sweet spot with the Mallincam as far as framing all of the popular DSOs and galaxies.
Cheers, Johnny

Ken Wrobel, 15" Owner in Lahaina, Hawaii - September 9, 2008

I've owned many, many scopes over the years and I can't tell you how great the Obsession is. Everything about it just feels right.

Ron O., 15" owner in Erie, Pennsylvania - July 31, 2008

I am getting many, many compliments on the quality of the telescope. One old salt called the optics exquisite. I am spoiled now.

Ron O., 15" owner in Erie, Pennsylvania - July 1, 2008

Hello Dave: Thank you for a magnificent instrument. My first night out was fantastic. I never knew what detail could be captured in a quality 15" system vs. my old 8" LX200. I am permanently hooked on my Obsession. Folks who were with me felt that the optics on my 15 were superior to other 18's on site. Do you have a recommendation for some type of bag that could hold the 8 tubes during transit? Is there an aftermarket solution for this, as my sewing skills are nil.
Thanks again Ron O.

Harvey M., 15" owner in Elberton, Georgia - June 8, 2008

Dear Dave, I finally got a chance to go out with my new scope. These first two times out were planed as short learning experiments; setting up, aligning, and doing a two star alignment, etc. At the end of the second evening before packing up, I punched in the globular cluster M13. I cranked up the power, going to my 7 mm eyepiece. My jaw fell open and I couldn't believe my eyes. If my body were covered with finger and toes, I could have counted the individual stars. What resolution! The scope is great!

Jacob B., 15" owner in Toronto, Canada - March 30, 2008

Finally got a chance to try the scope under dark skies a few weeks back. I'm really impressed by the quality of the optics and the construction. The scope moves easily and gives great views, even in 0 degree F Canadian winter!

Mark Jurena, 15" owner in San Antonio, Texas - February 9, 2008

Mr Kriege, I still have to pinch myself most of the times I have it out observing objects. It works great and yes I have used it three nights this week. Its very smooth. My only problem is convincing the astronomers to take down the telescope before its put away. They seem to want the telescope and all the goodies completely assembled. Its my problem to solve. -thanks a bunch.

Mark Jurena
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Texas at San Antonio

Tim T., 15” owner in Wichita Falls, Texas

I want to tell you how happy I am with the scope. Having always had a refractor, i've never had to collminate a telescope, but the laser makes it very easy, and it only took a few trys. I think the first object i looked at with it was m57. I don't know how many times i've strained my eye's with my 4" to see that thing, barely though. When I found with the 15", it was like not having to find it at all, it's just there, staring right back at you. Just after m57, I went on over to m13. I probably sat there and watched m13 for about a half hour. I wasn't expecting the level of detail and number of stars from only my backyard, but needless to say, it was impressive.

Alberto Fernando, 15" owner in Portugal - June 13, 2007

I am proud to report an exceptional performance of my 15" Obsession equipped with ArgoNavis and ServoCAT. Last friday, together with some friends, we tried the visual separation of Antares A and Antares B. We got a perfect visual separation at 350x. Then we tried to make some photos. For that we used a Canon 300D camera and a Powermate 2.5 stacked over a Powermate 4x. So the focal length was 16,8 meters at f45. The resulting field of view was 4' 26" x 3' 05". We made almost 300 images, during about 01 hour and 30 minutes. The guiding was so perfect that I had no need to correct the tracking. It just stood in the field of view all that time.

Steve MacLemore, 15" owner in Glacier Park, Montana - 4.09.07

Hi Dave, At last, clear skies came my way for a couple hours. Took the telescope out without the Argo Navis so I could become one with it before going electric. Everything went so smoothly... it's all hooked up now ready for my next session with the Universe.

Saturn showed me new sights.... gee those are moons ! A shadow caused by the rings. Hot dang.... surface features... oh boy, this is going to be fun ! Got a peak at Orion low over dancing Lady Mtn.... what contrast ! Visited Ursa Major... Where did all those Galaxys come from !

The winds came up and within 15 min I had the scope down... ramp and light blocking tarp stored and a warm drink in hand.... it was almost too easy. What a pleasure my first light experience was !
Thanks again to all involved ! Have a great day !

Eric G., 15" owner in Prior Lake, Minnesota - 3.11.07

Got it all working on the first night. Dave, this is an outstanding system (15" f/4.5 OMI mirror, with ServoCAT GoTo dirve and Argo Navis DSC). My only regret is that I own 3 other telescopes. I really have hard time imagining that the others will get used much anymore.

Bob Murray, 15 inch owner in Coal Township, Pennsylvania - 2.12.07

Hello dave. Received the scope thursday. It is truely a fine work of art. Put everything together in a few hours . Collimating took about 20 minutes. Finally got a chance to take it out tonight without the Argo Navis to get familiar with it. Set up was no problem at all. First light was M42. Needless to say it was the best view of it I have ever seen.

Johhny H., 15 inch owner in Spicewood, Texas - 1.22.07

Have dave K! Love the scope. The telescope is as beautiful and well made as everyone led me to believe. I'm taking my time getting it together and I'm collimated and ready now for first light but it's getting nasty outside again! Thanks it's a real jewel...

Andrea M., 15" owner in Blue Jay, California

THANK YOU! For such an awesome scope - collimation was a snap. Tonight was a short session - more of a get-to-know the scope time, though I did see some fantastic views of the moon, and got three more doubles off my AL Doubles list. Split Castor, even though the night was not so good. The Crab was easy to spot even with the neighbors up this weekend, all lights ablaze. I can't wait till later in Jan when the weekenders are gone!!! Plenty of infocus and outfocus travel too. Motion is buttery smooth, and I like the height - I prefer observing standing. Next I plan to figure out the Argo, though I prefer finding things on my own with maps from Skymap, but some nights you just have to throw in the towel, as far as AL lists, or at the end of an observing session, when you just want to look. Thanks once again! I am VERY happy!!!! Merry Christmas! Andrea

Hal Coward, 15 inch owner in Sugar Land, Texas

I sold a Tak 5" APO when I bought my 15" Obsession and have never looked back. No matter what I am observing, the view in the larger scope is better. Setup is actually easier.

Joe W., 15 inch owner in Englewood, Colorado

Hi Dave, I have had my telescope out for a number of nights now and just love it! Last night I saw the Saturn Nebula for the first time and it was a beautiful blue color.

Paul Alford, 15 inch owner in Santa Maria, California

Had my son over last night. Even though the moon was bright we looked at a few things. No comparison between the old Chinese 8" and the new scope. The Obsession is quite impressive. The opitics are very nice indeed. My son (an Optometrist) is jealous. Waiting for some dark skies.-Paul

David Darragh, 15 inch owner in Perth, Australia

Hi David, An English friend of mine was blown away by the views in the bush. I am used to using a tired 8 inch SC for deep sky and the difference is profound. The view of the Tarantula nebulae through an oxygen 111 2x barlow 13 Nagler was actually quite disturbing. The brightest central sworls had a pincer like appearance. I also enjoyed NGC 253 where you could really see the dust hinting at its starburst nature. NGC 1365 had its characteristic extended z form just like in the photos NGC 6520 and Barnard 86 was absolutely beautiful. The big southern globs of Omega Centauri and Tuc 47 where also highlights like glowing beach sand on a table. I almost certainly nailed 10 galaxies in the NGC 1399 NGC 1404 Fornax cluster in one view with my Panoptic 24 mm. There was only a tiny amount of coma in the outer 15% of the eyepiece. I am storing the 15 inch in my second bedroom with a 8 watt lamp permanently on. Hopefully this will help the mirror. Next month I am off to a star party where some one has a 20 inch Obsession hopefully I will be able to compare and contrast. I will send you a picture of my scope and its owner.

John and Vicki Switzer, 12.5 and 15 inch owners in Centerpoint, Indiana

Both of the scopes are totally awesome. We have had a number of individuals tell us that (in a side by side comparison) our scopes both outperformed a 7" APO.
Thanks, John and Vicki Switzer
15" Obsession #1259
12.5" Obsession # 1489

Bill L., 15 inch owner in Brea, California

Received my 15" scope last week, all was in good order. Took it out for first light last Sunday night and Monday night. I saw some great cosmological views, including Seyfert's sextet in Serpens Cauda. The core of M 13 resolved almost to the center. Same for M22, M55, M5, and M92. The Video on collimating and other tips came in really handy. Everyone loves the ease of operation and no need for a ladder. I would like to say that I am totally Obsessed! I would like to congratulate your company for a great instrument! The OMI optics are supperb. Will send you more reports and a picture of the 15 with the shroud that my wife is making with the constellations. Regards, Bill L.

David D., 15 inch owner in Perth Australia

Dear Dave, I collected my 15 inch last Friday, and this instrument oozes class and quality. Of course clouds and rain have set in for the next two weeks preventing the 15 inches being turned to the stars. However I am very impressed with its with wonderful finish, and enticing balanced and buttery motions. I think I made the right decision. David D. Perth Australia

Don J., 15 inch owner in Midland Texas

I finally got the 15" out in the backyard last night - and it was a very good night. The Torus mirror is exceptional, basically perfect intra and extra-focal fringes on the star test. Easily resolved Eta Corona Borealis using the TV 3-6 Nagler at 4mm (429X). Overall, I think the 15" Obsession is a great scope for an old-timer. I will not give up that much visual as compared to my 20" and the 15" is sure a lot sweeter to physically handle.

Michael P., 15 inch owner in San Jose, California

The challenge objects for last weekend were abell 1367 Leo, and abell 1656 Coma Berencies. I was really impressed that faint fuzzies are 14+ magnitude galaxies. Even then they seemed brighter than I expected.

My girlfriend loved the view of Saturn at 490x. That was probably her favorite object we looked at.

Howard (Howie) M., 15 inch owner in Moriches, New York

All I can say is WOW... What a night. Four highlights:

1) A beautiful double star in Coma Berenices Epsilon 1733. The brighter one was white/blue. The other one was a pretty pink/purple. It had a 3 dimentional look to it. With the pink star in the background.

2) T Lyra a blood red Carbon star. Stood out like a diamond on black velvet. Very pretty red contrast against the other white stars.

3) Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann was awesome. The tail was at least 1/2deg. The nucleus was at times pinpoint and other times elongagated. You could see the dense condensation of material below the head where the comet is breaking up. There was a large coma of material surrounding the head. And best of all, that comet was booking. You could actually watch it move accross the starry background. I never saw a comet move so fast. If anyone is going to image it tomorrow (or tonight) at 10:30ish while it is next to M57. You will have to be ready and fast. You will also need a low eastern horizon view. The head was almost as large as M57. This will make an incredible picture.

4) Finally my piece de resistonce. I was looking at M57 with 600x and low and behold the central star popped out. A first for me. Nothing like having your scope track flawlessly with the ServoCAT at 600x. I decided to put in an OIII filter. What a beautiful mottled view of the Ring Nebula. Kind of looked like the Hubble Pictures of the Helix Nebula.

All in all a great night.

Stu Travelbee, 15 inch owner in Columbia City, Indiana

Dave, A few weeks ago I read that you were looking for images of Obsessions ready for action. Well, here is my 15" cooling on our patio, with and without guard dog! <g> BTW, it was an outstanding night viewing with two other members of the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society. Both take trips to the desert southwest to view, but said the 15" Obsession gave VERY good images here in "corn country".

Michael P., 15 inch owner in San Jose, California

Dave, First light was in Mendocino National Forest, CA. My Obsession 15" performed incredible. Thank you for building me such a fine telescope. It shows that you take pride with making these telescopes. Also, a big thanks to OMI for grinding me a fantastic mirror. The three Tele Vue eyepieces are an excellent set.

The conditions for first light were crystal clear. I observed from dusk to dawn two nights in a row. Two marathon observing sessions was a good way to break in this telescope.

Galaxy cruising across Virgo was a real treat. I was amazed by how many galaxies I can fit in the field of view with the Panoptic 41mm. When the Ring Nebula was at the zenith I was able to bag the center star. Star hopping across the sky was effortless in any direction. This makes it fun to hunt down challenging objects.

Thanks, Michael

Sue and James Schultheis, 12.5 and 15 inch owners in Scottdale, Pennsylvania

Dave, I just had to fire off an email to you thanking you for a wonderfully crafted 12.5" Baby Ob. you made for me that fits me like a glove. We were up at Cherry Springs this Sat. 29th and set up right next to a group of Obsession users who were pleased to see ours too. We were called the Hixson Cluster of Obsessions which you will see on the picture. Had about 50 observers in for the week/weekend. The Paparazzi were all over my scope. Taking pictures, standing in line to view with it. It was great! Keep up the great work!

Shawn Curry, 15 inch owner in Salida Colorado

Dear Dave, I've received my 15". Very nice. I finished assembling it at 3:00 am the morning after I received it, alas it was cloudy. The weather has been marginal since it arrived, but I took a few peeks at some galaxies, Saturn, the Moon. What fun! Everything is as expected and working fine. Your website doesn't do the laser collimator justice (the video does-good video BTW). I've had SCTs for a few years and collimation has always been a chore. This is my first Newt and I had it collimated the first time in 20 minutes. Thanks, Shawn Curry

Rui T., 18 inch owner
Alberto F., 15 inch owner
and Alfonso P., 15 inch owner in Portugal

"The telescopes are working perfectly, and, as always, are providing stunning images. Just for kicks, we pumped up to 1400x, and the M57 ring went out of the FOV. We were looking at the central part of M57... All all this was on so-so seeing, average transparency, and medium light pollution. If all goes as planned, we will be taking all 3 Obsessions to the Canary islands, to observe at the Roque de los Muchachos site, at 2400m (7874 feet) altitude, home of a battery of professional telescopes, and one of the best sites in the world. Imagine the performance of these "beasts" over there... :-) The decision to use the ServoCAT/Argo-Navis combo, was a smart one. That thing really works! It's impressive to see a 15" move that fast! On a 25"... scary, I presume. ;-) Well, and that's all. Thanks again for the great telescopes!"

Richard L. , 15 inch owner in Bellaire, Texas

I had the pleasure of acquiring a used 15" Obsession about a month ago. In all honesty, I wanted to test the waters before I purchase a larger scope with ServoCat from you new. As an aside, I'm extremely impressed with this telescope and it has really opened my eyes to what I've been missing. Apparantly all the great hype about Obsession is true!

Gary G. 15 inch owner in Birmingham Michigan

"After owning the 20" f/5 for over a year, my first reaction when I received the 15" f/4.5 was that it was "cute" Man, do I love that 15" scope -- it's easy to use and it's a real a workhorse! Planets, nebulas, globulars, and galaxies are all in a night's work for my 15" Obsession. But I'll never be able to part with the 20"... that OMI/Torus mirror is a keeper! Binoviewing of Mars with my 20" Obsession this fall at the Great Lakes Stargaze gave the best views on the field as reported unanimously by several experienced observers, and the field included other large, premium dobs and even an f/12 AP planetary refractor."

John A. 15" owner in Surrey England

"Suffice to say, on the occasions when I have managed to coincide with reasonable viewing I have been gobsmacked by what I can see. I remember thinking after my first sight of M13, "I can now die a happy man" - mindblowing! Thanks again for a wonderful telescope all the best!"

Becky C. 15 inch owner in Fort Lauderdale Florida

"I'm starting my spring cleaning to get my 25" Obsession with Galaxy mirror ready for another season of public sessions and private viewing. I thought I'd write to thank you again for this stunning mirror. Last year I used the scope in a series of public programs at National and state parks. Star party viewing involved somewhere between 800 to 1200 people. Objects ranged from Jupiter and comets down to planetaries and 15th to 16th magnitude galaxies (with the public!). The public viewers were delighted with them all. For deep sky objects, I try to get the viewer to relax and take in details. (For example, on the Saturn nebula, it's not uncommon for visitors to begin describing the blue-green color, then stop and mention that they see "ears" -- the ansae, and then go on to describe rings and interior structure). As for my own viewing, I am truly delighted."

Howie M., 15 inch owner in Moriches, New York

"Words fail me when I try to express how much I love this telescope. The activity on and around Jupiter last night was stunning. In fact, every object I have observed has a very special beauty and significance. There is still so much more ! Thanks again."

Kevin B., 15 inch owner in Vermont

"As if you needed any more stories based on my look at your folder full of them, but I wanted to relate to you my experience. I have been amazed at the views I have gotten. I had originally bought this to play around with when I image with my "main" equitorial system. Now I find I don't even spend much time with that anymore as I want to look through the ep of this scope. Despite it's size, its actually easier to set up than my 8" SCT. I have also awed some freinds of mine that have spent major dollars on premium refractors and reflectors such as large Tak Mewlons, and AP refractors. Every time I invite them along, they go away having seen something "better than they have ever seen it before" even when object was bright and well within the grasp of thier own scopes. They almost fell off the step when I showed them the central star in the ring, and the veil with an OIII filter. We have seen not only great spiral structure, but dust lanes within M51. They thought they were looking at M51 when I showed them M101 and they could make out structure in that. I was definately impressed when I took it to Stellafane this year, and folks said I was giving them the most impressive views, despite there being several other large dobs between 18 and 32"."

Mark B., 15 inch owner in Grove City, Ohio

"I was thinking a few nights ago about emailing you with a year's update. Ive had my 15" Obsession for just over a year now and I wanted to thank you for such a fine instrument. With a 2 year old son, my time has been limited. But those few times when I have been able to get out have been truly remarkable. The one thing that surprised me was that I can set up my 15", as fast as my C8. In fact, Ive noticed that I seem to be ready to go before most others around me. Collimation is a breeze and takes no more than a minute. This scope has had a prfound impact on me, and my interest in a hobby I have been in for almost 20 years. In many ways, I feel like a newbie, with that eagerness and passion that one gets when they see their first deep sky object. The scope makes me feel young!! The Torus mirror simply is beautiful and a work of art with the specs to back it up. The scope just sings! Thanks again for a great scope. I hope you make many more so others can enjoy the great views too. It's rare today to find a product that works as advertised. Obsessions exceed the expectations!"

Craig B., 15 inch owner in New Orleans, Louisianna

"By the way, in the year since I have had the incredible scope you made, I have seen more than I ever could have hoped for. Thanks, you really do make the best."

Francisco P., 15 inch owner in Madrid, Spain

"The vision of many of them are still in my mind and come very often. M66, M61 showed plenty of details. In M65 I was able to split very easily the star close to the nucleus. M-51 appeared with all the arms and full of weak stars. NGC 4618 with an arm I had never seen before. In M-104 I was able to see clearly the part of the galaxy above the dark line. At 190 X the image was steady and the stars showed a pinpoint image. With the optics carefully and easily collimated the images were really astonishing. My wife stated that the small and difficult to see weak galaxies I use to observe with my 12 inch had become very evident now. Well I suppose you receive plenty of these reports...Really the optics are superb. Collimating the primary is also a delight. I normally do it at night defocusing a star at 200X, and I got it very easy. So summarizing: the telescope is wonderful. The images incredible. And very ,very, easy to use.".

George V., 15 inch owner in San Diego, California

"I was experimenting with pushing the power as high as possible and there was great satisfaction with each increase. I viewed M22 under pretty bad light pollution conditions last night and yet, the detail simply amazed me. Usually I can pick out M22 with my 7 x 50 binoculars but not last night. So I aimed the telescope using the Telrad in the general direction. I was lucky because the cluster was almost dead center in the 20 mm eye piece. The detail was like looking at a photograph. If I had not known that there is nothing in M22's immediate region like that, I would have thought I had the wrong object. Then later, the view of the Ring Nebula almost at zenith, was incredible. To sum it all up, I can not really find proper words to express how pleased I am with the telescope."

Bob Z., 15 inch owner in Tucson, Arizona

"I have a 'keeper gem'. The scope split Epsilon Lyrae, ( double double)"no problemo" in Tucson at 2500 ft above sea level. In June, at the Grand Canyon, at 7100 ft. above sea level, the same happened and I didn't even have to allign my 15"!! It split so beautifully!! Galaxy's in Ursa Maj. all over the place! I don't know a lot about optics, but I WILL keep my scope and give it to my children. This scope is good, REALLY GOOD!!"

Roger S., 15 inch owner

"Very pleased with the 15 inch. To me it is the perfect blend of porability and large aperture and your feet never have to leave the ground."

Pierre S., 15 inch owner in Kilchberg Switzerland

"Last night was my 3d night out observing with my new 15". This time a very experienced Swiss amateur astronomer joined me. He had never seen an Obsession before and was stunned just about everything on this scope! He checked my collimations with a star test and found everything perfect. Then we looked at some of his favorite objects together. He just loved the Naglers you recommended to me - especially the 31 mm -e.g. the Veil offered fantastic views. All this made me quite happy....I am convinced I made the right decision buying an Obsession. BTW, my friend is now beginning to think about purchasing a 18" Obsession."

Han Kern, 15 inch owner in Germany

"Thank you for this wonderfull Dobsonian! The 15 inch optic is great and the telescope works very well and smoothly. I'm really obsessed!".

John M., 15 inch owner in Freeport, Illinois

"The 15" is optically way better than I had imagined. Very beautiful and colorful images of Saturn when it was still overhead. I suspect the very highly reflective coatings makes it almost match the 18". The 15" size is very friendly and the wheelbarrow handles work nicely with my Jeep Liberty. A very nice telescope."

George N., 15 inch owner

"I got the chance to see the Supernova in M51 visually with my 15" Obsession. What an awesome sight. I was really impressed that I could go so deep that easily. Of course the tracking from the ServoCAT was a big plus, enabling me to take my time and enjoy the view. Finally, everyone that came up to and viewed through my scope, expressed the same thoughts. That they were incredibly sharp and bright views of DSO's and stars. More detail and better than other scopes they have looked through. Many thanks to Gary from OMI (Torus), for his fine mirror and of course Dave K for his "Nothing Beats an Obsession" scope.."

Steve T., 15 inch owner in Washington, DC

"Dear Obsessed: Last Monday I left the scope out in the backyard and in the middle of the night visited to see what I could see. It was clear and moonless for the first time in three weeks. Mind that I live in DC 2 miles from the White House so there is a lot of light pollution. Most nearby lights, particularly that of the Cathedral tower, were out as it was after midnight. M81 and M82 were very clear and much better than I have ever seen them. The shapes were exactly as advertised, ethereal and misty, and I can't wait to see them under a dark sky. M13, The Great Cluster in the "keystone" of Hercules, almost overhead, was magnificent. For the first time I saw many individual stars, something I had not yet been able to do with the Televue 85. Generally the brightness was far better, as expected, than in my XT 8" Orion. Also the clarity of the image. While M81 and M82 were diaphanous, M13 was meaty and substantial. Then blue/white Vega, the Epsilon "double double" which split cleanly with the Nagler 16. None of these qualify as challenging objects, I suppose. But to be able to see them so well at my house was a real treat. Homage to Dave Kriege for a fine creation."

Richard L., 15 inch owner in Burr Ridge, Illinois

"As far as first light. WOW! Can't believe what I saw. Knocked off M3, M13, M51, M81/82, M92, M63, M94 and M106. I saw more tonight than I have in the last 5 months with my refractor. Your descriptions on your web page is VERY accurate when it came to M13. I have never seen so many DISTINCT stars in the cluster. In my 4" APO you could see M13, but it was mainly a smudge. Can't tell you how amazing this experience was. Thanks again.."

Keiji Tagami, 15 inch owner in Tokushima Japan

"I am thankful to Dave who made this wonderful telescope. This telescope satisfies me, not only when seeing a star, but when having placed indoors. In the field, I don't need any tools for set-up or take-down but carry it out quickly. Very smooth -- it moves, is not too heavy and is not too light. Extravagant woodwork finish which can feel joy for using. To it, it is the optical performance of the Torus mirror as reputation. It is as having expected in all. I waited for the good night of transparency and took 15 inches of mine to the usual observation place. A guide is omega star cluster of a CENTAURUS seat. Since it is climate peculiar [ with the low altitude in south ] to things and Japan, what is seen finely is a difficult object. It became the wonderful starlit sky which can be overlooked to the horizon. It waited for omega star cluster to carry out among south, and the telescope was turned. Peeping into the telescope which became almost level, I received impression in which the skin in the living body bubbles. Signs that the countless faint light star crowded in the view were visible with a cubic effect. Thank you really."

Steve J., 15 inch owner

"I love my new scope! So far it is everything I expected (and I had high expectations). I still haven't brought it to dark skies yet, but that will happen as soon as we get some clear skies! Even from my extremely light poluted back yard, I've seen much more detail on the bright things (Jupiter, Saturn, Orion Nebula) than I was ever able to see with my previous scope (8" SCT). I was even able to easily see M1 a few nights ago -- from my back yard -- in a light polluted suburb of Atlanta Georgia!"

George K., 15 inch owner in Cystal Lake Illinois

"I can't stop looking at my new scope, it's just a beautiful piece of workmanship! Set up and collimation were a breeze. The balance is perfect. I took it out in the back yard last night, some high thin clouds, but pretty clear but windy. First light was Sirius, so I could line up my telrad and finder, then I had to take a look at the orion neb. It was very bright and filled my 32mm tele. plossl. I can imagine the view in a dark sky. I took a look at a few more objects, m37,m38,m51. The clusters were very nice, and I'm supprised to even have seen m51 from my light polluted bak yard. The best was Saturn. I think that was the best view I've ever had. I used a 12mm eyepiece with a 2x barlow. I was out with my son-in-law and it just blew him away. Thanks for the T-shirt and mouse pad, and thank you for a fantastic telescope. I'll e-mail you again after I get some dark sky time.!"

Nick T., 15 inch owner in Concord, California

"Went to my 1st. star party to MT. Diablo just about 40 miles east of San Francisco Ca. with my new 15" scope which has optics from Torus. There were 25 of us there from my astro. club, we meet at least once a month there. Though we are aprox. 4000ft. above sea level and the nearest street light is aprox. 6 miles away the skyglow is still prominet(dark blue to dark grey, still better than my backyard). Still the views I got that night were incredible! Jupiter at 340X was like looking at a photo. When the air was steady (that was pretty much all night)I could count about 12 cloud bands easy! Saturn was low on the horizen so the views were nice but not as clean as Jupiter. I also viewed M42 easily picked out the 6 stars in the trapezium, the clouds looked like clouds you'ed see here on earth.I also viewed M51,M81,M82,M3,M13,the Owl nebula and its nearby galaxy. All were just AWSOME! My only disapointment is I was not able to view as much as I wanted(though I had my scope out for about 5 hours)due to the fact that there was a constant line of no less than 4 people waiting to see thru the scope. Veteran ameture astronomers were extremly impressed and kept coming back again and again to have another look. One of our members brought his 20" he made following Dave's book. When looking at the same objects there was not much difference, though I know his will go much deeper.Another member had his LX90 8", we compared my 15" and his 8" on M3. I was really surprised in his scope it looked like a smudge with a few dim stars while in mine it was huge and bright with coutless stars all the way to the core, it gave you a feeling of swiming among all those stars! To say the least he was a little disappionted with his LX90. M13 was nothing like the comparisome thats on the Obsession web page, I think Dave is a little too modest, when looking at it thru my scope it looked like his 25" comparisome( I mean the photo comparisomes).Anyway the night for me was a huge success. I've experienced no coma or very, very little if any, and stars at edge of FOV look like little dots."

Bill C., 15 inch owner

"The scope is as easy to set up as you claim. I haven't timed myself but 5 minutes isn't an exageration. And the balance is perfect.".

Becki C., "Proud mother of a 3 month old 15 inch Obsession" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"The 15" is perfect for me, although every now and again I get palpitations thinking about the 20. I saw the Horsehead plain as day. I saw detail in M51. I saw the Owl gazing back at me. I am certain I broke laws when I looked at NGC 253 at > 400 power! And for the first time, I watched Io transit her little black dot across the face of Jupiter. The Torus mirror has been absolutely superb and I cannot brag enough about it! Thankyou, so very much. Who needs a psychiatrist? I have classical music and the heavens!"

Becki C., 15 inch owner

"I watched Io transit her little black dot across the face of Jupiter. The Torus mirror has been absolutely superb and I cannot brag enough about it! Thankyou, so very much. Who need a psychiatrist? I have classical music and the heavens!" Jupiter with Ganymede, Ganymede's shadow to it's immediate left. The"shadow" below Ganymede's (shadow) is not a shadow at all - rather it is the moon "Callisto"; who's dark features make it appear black. Video image by Becki Coretti and Bill Williams with 15 Obsession.

Anton H., 15 inch owner in Isere, France

"Oui, je possede un OBSESSION 15" depuis un an et demi. Il est superbe!"

Rene M., 15 inch owner in Gaithersburg, Maryland

"You may have gotten to the point where rave reviews of your scopes are taken for granted, but I've got to tell you that Saturday night , from my polluted and damp Maryland skies, I was pushing 300x viewing the Cat's Eye, Ring, Snowball, and Dumbell. I was dumbfounded by the views, particularly the bright regions and darker center of the Cat's Eye and it's central star. Around my place I rarely can use that level of magnification. The big globs, M13 and M92, were the best I've seen, and I was able to fill the field using about 220x with these objectsGoing back to when I first had the scope I had a view of the Veil that I'll never forget. I swear it looked like a Hubble picture without the color. Twisting ribbon-like detail on the right side, and web-like tendrils on the left. It was the 1st night I used an OIII. The skies must've been just right that night because I haven't seen the Veil like that since. BTW I picked up the Argo Navis a while back and I'm delighted with it. Since I was looking at compact bright objects anyway I got to the point where I didn't bother with a low power ep anymore because the AN was getting the obj. in the field of a 9T6 with paracorr. It was too cool."

Debbie W., 15 inch owner in Orem, Utah

"You will love your new Obsession. I've had my Obsession nearly four years now and my life has never been the same."

Rene M., 15 inch owner in Gaithersburg, Maryland

"You may have gotten to the point where rave reviews of your scopes are taken for granted, but I've got to tell you that Saturday night , from my polluted and damp Maryland skies, I was pushing 300x viewing the Cat's Eye, Ring, Snowball, and Dumbell. I was dumbfounded by the views, particularly the bright regions and darker center of the Cat's Eye and it's central star. Around my place I rarely can use that level of magnification. The big globs, M13 and M92, were the best I've seen, and I was able to fill the field using about 220x with these objectsGoing back to when I first had the scope I had a view of the Veil that I'll never forget. I swear it looked like a Hubble picture without the color. Twisting ribbon-like detail on the right side, and web-like tendrils on the left. It was the 1st night I used an OIII. The skies must've been just right that night because I haven't seen the Veil like that since. BTW I picked up the Argo Navis a while back and I'm delighted with it. Since I was looking at compact bright objects anyway I got to the point where I didn't bother with a low power ep anymore because the AN was getting the obj. in the field of a 9T6 with paracorr. It was too cool."

Chris J., 15 inch owner in San Jose California

"First light with the Paracorr occurred last Friday in my back yard, and the views were splendid. Both you and the suppliers of the mirrors and other components deserve high praise for a fine instrument. The next night, I took the scope to a public star party at the park on Mount Hamilton (down the mountain from Lick Observatory), where first-time viewers were able to see the spiral arms of M51 and the bridge to the companion galaxy in my new scope, see the Sombrero Galaxy really looking like a sombrero, and so on. Verrrry nice! It's plain that I am going to love this scope for many years. It'll probably be my last-ever scope, unless I grow so old and feeble that I can no longer roll it up the ramp into my Honda Civic hatchback. The visitors to the star party guessed that I needed a big truck to transport that telescope, and were surprised to learn otherwise. :-) I think my observing program for the next several years will be to observe every galaxy listed in Kepple & Sanner that appears above my horizon. Thank you for building me a great telescope!"

Roger B., 15 inch owner in Huntington, West Virginia

"Dear Dave K, Its been about a year now and I'm very happy with the preformance of the scope. I enjoy the views that it provides. Saw something I'd never seen before the night before thanksgiving: I looked at M42 - viewing it with the 22 and 31 mm Nagler EP. I spent a long time here, looking at the detail in th nebula. Dark lanes, bright areas, ... green. GREEN. Bright Green. Never before have I seen green in the nebula. Around the trapezium it was bright green superimposed on whitish grey. Once I saw the green color, it appeared obvious. I could follow dimmer green light out into the less bright areas of the nebula surrounding the trapezium, the color faded away in the dimmer areas. I was amazed, dumbfounded, and astonished. I've never seen color in any nebula before. I've looked at M42 before but never seen color. I don't know if my seeing color was related to sky conditions (cold, clear, dark, turbulent sky) or not. All in all very impressive. Thanks again!"

Hal C., 15 inch owner in Sugar Land Texas

"I put in a nice eyepiece, looked through the scope and noticed that my socks had, indeed, been "knocked off". Ditto. I left the focuser alone, assuming it was squared, and proceeded to achieve a critical collimation that yielded outstanding planetary views. I had a 5" Tak refractor for years previuosly so I had some basis for comparison. I'll never pay for an apo again. Don't worry, be happy!"

Steve H., 15 inch owner Boulder Colorado

"After five years, the scope is still very pleasant to use and very impressive to look at. Last summer I had a dark sky night near Mesa Verde in Colorado when about halfway through the session I realized that there wasn't a globular cluster in Sky Atlas 2000.0 that I couldn't find. Last fall I had several nights with Mars near the close approach where I made out good surface details and even some clouds on one occasion. It is a wonderful scope that does planetary and deep space objects equally well."

Angelos K., 15 inch owner in Athens Greece

"Saturday night marked the First Light for my 15" Obsession. It started off as a 'quick peek' visit to an astro-buddy's house in the Athens suburbs to show off my new gear, but ended up as a mini star party. Ordering pizzas and beer were deemed proper and we stayed on until dawn, much longer that initially planned. Light pollution was an issue, but that did not stop us from going after a few challenge objects which offered wonderful views and proof of the excellent quality of the Torus mirror. Both of my fellow observers are very experienced in both visual and imaging astronomy and gave the thumbs up for the views through the 15". Comet Q4 was an easy early target showing a bright nucleus and Venus's crescent was charming. Very tight doubles in Bootes, Corona Borealis and other sky patches were split, but light pollution did not allow satisfactory performance on galaxies. The use of filters considerably improved the performance on the Ring Nebula. Globs like M3, M5, M13 were easily resolved to the core. Next weekend's trip to a dark site will surely improve the views. Colourful Jupiter and its moons were very impressive. The moon was dazzling, and required the use of a filter which gave a wonderful view. The performance of the entire setup was up to expectations. The Argo Navis was very accurate and helped a lot as light pollution kept the sky's visual mag limit very low, giving few clues on the exact location of our targets. The scope moves very softly without the need for a series of 'nudges' to make small adjustments, which I had found very annoying in other big dobs. The light shroud fit perfectly and helped a lot with light pollution. The barlowed laser collimator makes the whole process a snap. It only required minor tweaking upon re-assembly after I had collimated it in my basement and took the scope apart to visit my friend's place. The sling does a good job in keeping the mirror in place. Collimation was not affected by the prolonged use of the scope."

Brian F., 15 inch owner in Edgewood Kentucky

" I'd like to let you know that my 15" attracted lots of people and the feedback (at the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys)--I still can't believe. People who have been observing for decades commented on the awesome views. Some came back during daylight to further their comments and look the scope over, as if to say, "How can this little dob do it?" Two guys from Venezuela spotted the Horsehead in it! We could see the irregular, dark nebulosity, but couldn't make out the Horsehead. Still, these experienced observers marvelled at how easily it was just to find the nebula. And get this--the planetary views were better than those in a nearby premium 6" binocular refractor telescope!"

Charles P., 15 inch owner in Tampa Florida

"The 15" Obsession is the best scope, that I've owned for the planets, and I have owned about 150 scopes! I got a winner here! The scopes motions are super smooth, it's very easy to track even over 750x. The Optics are super, my jaw dropped at the detail I saw on Saturn , at 350x to 650x it was unreal. Last nite i was able to see color on Jupiter that I have never seen before, I could also just make out detail on two of Jupiters moons, this was with around 850x and 8+ seeing! Looks like i will sell my other scopes and keep the 15" OBS! "

Armin H., 15 inch owner in Sangkhlaburi Thailand

"Just wanted to inform you that my 15 inch did arrive without any damage. Setup was easy and collimation even easier with the laser device. Every screw and bolt fits the way someone wants it. The handling of the scope is absolutely smooth, nothing squeaks or gets stuck, great job that your mechanics do! First Light: Well, as it always is near full Moon, haze, etc & I did not want to wait for the perfect conditions . I just turned the scope towards the Moon, Mars, and Saturn, something other commercially-made-Dob owners never do. Planets and Obsession: I can only say Impressive! I had direct comparison with a 12 inch XXXX Dob. I do feel pretty sad for the owner of that thing?! On Dec 13 I could observe under almost perfect conditions from my backyard. Just a short feedback: SH 240 (Aur/Tau) fairly easy with OIII filter. Perseus Cluster (1275 ++) - After a few minutes I gave up trying to identify single galaxies - there was just too many (25+)! Stephan's Quintet - could nail 4 easily, the faintest one escaped my attempt because of the low position and a rising moon. Group NGC 507 (Pis/And) - apart from the brighter galaxies the faintest I could catch were two PGCs with under 15mag. M33 - I have never seen M33 like that before! Even in 20 inch scopes. The contrast of the Torus Mirror and the 13 Nagler are amazing. Saturn - Encke division and Titan as a tiny disk at 342x, what more can someone expect!"

Laurence H., 15 inch owner in England

" Wow !!!!! Do you folks make musical instruments ? I'm a professional musician and your craftsmanship is up there with the best instrument makers. Anyway, I thought I'd drop you a short e-mail to say one very cute 15 inch Obsession has landed safely in the UK. Regards, A very happy Laurence."

Jerry B., 15 inch owner in Issaquah, Washington

"In July, I took it to the Table Mountain Star Party and was quite flattered by all the people wanting to look through it. I received numerous compliments regarding the scope, how smoothly it moved, and the views it provided. Several had observed through other scopes of similar aperture and commented on the superior views mine was displaying. The Swan Nebula and M-13 were amazing as was the Whirlpool. My hat is off to OMI-Torus for making an excellent mirror and to you for your fine craftsmanship. I can assure you, those that mentioned they were in the market for a premium scope got an excellent sales pitch from me. Thanks again for a wonderful scope."

Jean Pierre S., 15 inch owner in Aussillon France

"I am very happy with my 15'' Obsession Telescope I received in june 2003. It's really easy to use, definition is very good and images of sky are bright and beautiful. The most surprising thing for me is to discover colors of even the faintest stars. The Argo Navis computer works fine, it's a pleasure to find the objects and to observe them."

Hal C., 15 inch owner in Sugar Land Texas

"To repeat what everyone else has said, this thing is really a piece of fine furniture with a telescope in the middle. Can't wait to try it out."

Robert R., 15 inch owner Missouri City, Texas

"I am a recent 15" owner and, like you, owned a great 10" for a number of years. However, the Obsession, as you will hear over & over, is in a class by itself. In my opinion, workmanship & support are unequaled. I looked for a long time before deciding on the Obsession and I can assure you that I will never regret the decision. I chose the 15" mainly for its portability. I would also recommend the OMI Torus mirror. Superb quality and great technical support.."

David P., 15 inch owner in Sophia North Carolina

" I just got done putting everything together on my new 15  and I must say my hat is off to you. What a marvelous scope, I never dreamed that I would own such a work of art. Thanks again for you hard work and attention to detail! "

Pierre S., 15 inch owner in Kilchberg Switzerland

" The past week, I attended the Intl. Telescope Meeting at Elmberger Alm (1800m) in K?rnten, Southern Austria. Three Obsessions were present.....two 18" and my 15". We enjoyed 4 very clear nights with excellent seeing. I am happy to report my FULL satisfaction with my 15" Obsession. I love the buttery feeling when I move it (with the help of my Argo Navis). It has very often been admired by many visitors during numerous observing sessions this summer up in the mountains of Switzerland and Austria. Finally, I am also FULLY satisfied with my TORUS mirror."

Roberto G., 15 inch owner in Geneve Switzerland

" Hi Dave, Just a few lines to let you know that my scope saw its first light a few days ago. Since then, I have been out with it a couple more nights. I had far from ideal conditions (quite a bit of light pollution from the nearby city and mediocre seeing, not to mention the moon) but the observation was really pleasing. As I was used to my little Maksutov, there was absolutely no comparison between the two. Kind of a revelation! With a 31mm Nagler you really get the impression you are falling into the sky ! I will let you know more about the optics once I have had the opportunity to go to better sites, but so far, the Torus mirror looks promising. Also, the combination Obsesssion/AN-servo cat is an absolute stunner! So easy to set up and use, and working perfectly from the first minute. I particularly enjoyed the spiral search mode for the "space walk" feeling it gives, and the local sync mode, which takes away the hassle of performing perfect star alignments (for simple observation the precision it allows is more than enough to keep anyone happy). I am very happy with your scope and, guess what, it sits fully assembled in my living room and makes a great impression ! I will certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a medium aperture, as well as the quality of your service, which has been excellent all along. Thanks again for both. Best regards."

Brent B., 15 inch owner in AuGres Michigan

"Probably the best thing to come out of this was the reaction of my 12-year-old son. I've had a trusty C8 for 25 years and in this age of Star Trek and Hubble images (not to mention it won't hold still for love nor money) he hadn't been very impressed. But this weekend, he stayed out with me until he was literally falling asleep on his feet and I forced him to go in. Even better, on the second night, I was able to show him how to use a star map, and within minutes he'd bagged the Ring on his first try. After dancing around the yard with joy -- quite a sight to see even in the dark -- with a little verbal help he went on to find Albireo, M13 and M4 -- things he had barely had the patience to see in my jiggly old scope! On Saturday I packed it into the back of my little Saturn wagon and took it to a Boy Scout camp, where kids and staff who'd never looked through a telescope before were able to actually SEE the swirls of the Whirlpool and M101. I'd never dreamed I'd show first-timers any part of the Veil, but when one of the kids said it should be called the "Braid Nebula" I knew we were in business. Later, after I'd outlasted anyone, I spent the night tracking down 14th magnitude galaxies in Lyra until the moon came up. Something tells me I won't run out of quarry any time soon. Thanks for a wonderful telescope. It's ignited my son's interest, renewed mine, and made it so much easier to share the wonders of the universe!."

Sandy C., 15 inch owner in Houston Texas

"For those of you who are still deciding on which company to buy your mirror from for your Obsession, I would whole-heartedly recommendTorus Optical. James is knowledgeable, accessible, and totally dedicated to customer satisfaction. I love the fact that he makes his testing methods and results accessible to the public, and that he is constantly improving his mirror making technology. My 15in Torus mirror is a fantastic performer, and I eagerly await te Martian opposition in August."

Robert R., 15 inch owner in Missouri City, Texas

" Well, I took my new 15" (new in the sense that I have not used it except for a few very humid & light-polluted nights since I got it in late December) to the Texas Star Party last week and now I know why I purchased this scope. The skies were truly awesome but not as awesome as the views I had in that scope. I'll say this again - my hat's off to you, Dave, for a great work of engineering."

Anthony H., 15 inch owner in Grenoble, France

"I am very happy with this choice. The OBS is a very nice instrument: The optics is very good. The wood work is excellent. The movements are very smooth. Collimation with a laser collimator is very quick. Mounting/dismounting is very easy. I am very pleased with my OBS. I can recommend it very strongly. The company support is excellent. Dont hesitate. It is good stuff.".

Debbie W., 15 inch owner in Ivin, Utah

"The views are always better resolved and more contrasty through my 15" Obsession than my 8" SCT. I will always take my Obsession to a star party regardless of the sky conditions. I can even find planetary nebulae during first quarter moon. In a nutshell, my Obsession always outperforms my SCT, especially viewing the planets."

Jeff Kanipe, 15 inch owner in Dallas Texas

"The telescope arrived Friday (delayed a day by an ice storm) and it is now completely set up. I must say, you guys do very good work! My compliments to Obsession and Torus. Thanks again for the great work and getting the scope to me in double time!"

Robert R., 15 inch owner in Missouri City, Texas

" Well, I took my new 15" (new in the sense that I have not used it except for a few very humid & light-polluted nights since I got it in late December) to the Texas Star Party last week and now I know why I purchased this scope. The skies were truly awesome but not as awesome as the views I had in that scope. I'll say this again - my hat's off to you, Dave, for a great work of engineering."

Dan P., 15 inch owner in Seattle, Washington

"Thanks for building a great scope. Now that I know what this beast is capable of I may make some more stress relieving trips outdoors. For the first time my kids were impressed with the views. This is a good thing."

Bob H., 15 inch owner in New Salisbury Indiana

"Well finally used the new Obsession 15in with Torus mirror the last 2 nights. After having quite a few mirrors and some goods one's I can say that this mirror already shows very good images.With the bino viewer the Obsession Torus combo was something. Pretty much stars were just points, The snap focus was excellent. One guy at the observation said the views though my setup were better than his views though the 36inch. He said the clarity of M13 and others globs was the best even with the bad skys. I work on Jupiter during the twilight and it showed some very good detail. Others with their scopes pretty much just stood by mine and looked though my set up.Well first light was good if not excellent, WOW can't wait for a good night. I have to say the Torus mirror in the smooth Obsession was a treat. Everyone at our site remarked about the smooth movement of the 15in. Your scope is a work of art. My wife said it is a shame to take it outside. Only problem I had was everyone else wanted to use it! Good work guys."

Howie M., 15 inch owner in Moriches New York

"Well, I got out tonight. Let me tell you. YOWZA...Awesome. Finally got the collimation perfect! Temp. Ouch, but who cares when your eyes are burning with celestial light. Saturn was filled with detail and even color shading. Jupiter had incredible detail and color. And I used a polerizing filter to block out some brightness. Hehe, never had to do that with my 8" SCT. I was looking at a moon of Jupiter, when I noticed that one other moon was behind it. You could actually see the front one was bigger than the rear one. Orion was GREEN and looked like a bird with it's wings spread out. Swirls of detail in the clouds. Trapezium with "6" stars easily. Possibly the seventh "G" star I think. Not sure. Need to look again another night when the moon is not 1/2 full. It is 16 mag. so might not be possible. Might have been my imagination. Was panning for an object, when I came across a double star, one Blue and the other Orange. Beautiful color. man it just popped out. Again you don't see that kind of color in an SCT. Blue Saturn nebula. Can't wait for the new moon to go deep for some deep sky objects. ONE SATISFIED OBS OWNER :-) Howie Mann 15" #821"

Anthony H., 15 inch owner in Grenoble, France

" I am very happy with this choice. The OBS is a very nice instrument: The optics is very good. The wood work is excellent. The movements are very smooth. Collimation with a laser collimator is very quick. Mounting/dismounting is very easy. I am very pleased with my OBS. I can recommend it very strongly. The company support is excellent. Dont hesitate. It is good stuff.".

Tom B., 15 inch owner in Madison, Wisconsin

"I picked up my 15" about three weeks ago, and absolutely love it. After looking though Obsessions of various sizes (and at times actually using one) at the previous three Nebraska Star Parties, I just had to have one."

Paul G., 15 inch owner in Carson City Nevada

"Recently purchased a 15" f4.5 #800 with Torus primary and saw first light last night in our moderately dark site near Carson City, NV. Excellent optics! It produced images every bit as good as a 17.5" Collier at the same site with the same eyepieces. This is my first Dob and I am delighted to be one of the Obsessed. The height of the 15" is ideal because of portability and I hate standing on ladders and will be using the instrument to teach kids in our local school system so they will need only a short climb to the eyepiece."

Hiroyuki Iida, 15 inch owner in Toyama JAPAN

"In September I could do its "first light" near my home. At first I was on M2 and M15. "Oh It's nice! " Looked like a sea urchin in the space, though my home is in a light-polluted residential area and I can't see a hint of the Milky Way. Next target was the Saturn. As we had an exceptional seeing in Toyama, I was able to see the Saturn at about 450x with Binocular viewer and Barlow."Great! Saturn looks three-dimensional" :-O My family was also impressed, saying "I haven't ever seen such a big Saturn and satellites". The performance of the Torus mirror was really amazing. It showed me a stunning image, and the stars were pinpoint-sharp. I am now so much satisfied with the result. The next observation session was on Oct 30. I drove for 45 minutes to the 6.0 mag. sky in Jyouzen Pass at 1000m in elevation, the 3rd station of Mt. Tateyama. I took a tour of diffuse nebulae with Nagler5 31mm+filter (UHC, OIII, Hbeta). Great orion, Monkey face nebula,Club nebula,Rosette Nebula. This is the world which I have not ever seen until now. What I want to say in particular is that I was able to see the Horse Head nebula, which I wanted to see for a long time. California Nebula looked like a huge airship seen through a telescope, and I could see some shade in it. I'm sure I will love it forever. Thank you, Dave, Obsession,Torus."

Sandy C., 15 inch owner in New York, New York

" Hi Dave, remember me? I have one of your first 15 inch Obsessions. Even after 5 years or so the scope still performs magnificently. It is the one scope (out of my collection of 6) that I will NEVER sell.".