Thinking About a New Scope? Think Big!


Obsession Firsts!

looking at stars

The following "firsts" were invented or developed by Obsession Telescopes™. Many of them were unheard of in a commercial Dobsonian just a few years ago. Our innovations have set the standard for the crude Obsession copy-cats now on the market. They pretend and want you to believe their telescopes are just like Obsessions.

We are the leader in the Big Dob business. You can own the original and the best - an Obsession telescope for about the same price as the crude imitations. What's more, add up all of their "upgrades" and you'll often pay more! At Obsession, we did our homework. We don't need to copy others. Innovative design, superior craftsmanship and top shelf materials means Obsession quality. Read the list of "Obsession Firsts" below and you'll understand why there is no substitute.

Isn't it time YOU got Obsessed?