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ATM Parts

Secondary Mirrors

We sell Pro Spec Secondary Mirrors from Ostahowski Optics

Secondary mirrors are 1/10 wave from Ostahowski Optics and have 98% Brilliant-Diamond multidielectric coating. Secondary mirrors can be purchased separately. These are simply the finest optics and coatings available anywhere.

2.14" $225

2.6" $250

3.1" $275

3.1" $275

3.5" $425

3.1" $275

3.5" $425


Side Bearings

Solid cast aluminum side bearings

Note: You supply the laminate of your choice.

18.5 inch diameter arcs
(used on Obsession 12.5 inch scopes)
$175 per pair plus $40 shipping

20.5 inch diameter arcs
(used on Obsession 15 inch scopes)
$285 per pair plus $50 shipping

24 inch diameter arcs
(used on Obsession 18 inch scopes)
$325 per pair plus $60 shipping

26 inch diameter (with spokes)
(used on Obsession 20 inch scopes)
$375 per pair plus $70 shipping

Side Bearings

Etched Virgin Teflon

Same Teflon used on all Obsessions. 0.093 thickness. Acid etched on one side so it will accept an adhesive like contact cement or epoxy. No nails needed. Sold only in 6 x 12 inch sizes. Score with a sharp knife on the back side and it breaks into perfect pieces.

$95 plus $8 shipping.

Upper Truss Tube Clamps

tube insertstube insertstube inserts

Same steel clamp assemblies we use on our Obsessions. A threaded stud with knob is welded to an L shaped bracket. You attach the L shaped bracket to the underside of your cage (upper tube assembly). A threaded insert is placed inside the top of your truss poles and a offset bracket is then attached to each. Easy and very secure.

Set of four L shaped brackets, four knobs, eight offset brackets, eight threaded tube inserts with screws, is $135 plus $7 shipping to US destinations.

Please specify 1.00 or 1.25 inch tube when ordering. No other sizes available.

We do NOT sell the lower wood clamping blocks we use on the mirror box. Sorry, you'll have to make those.

Tube Inserts

tube inserts

Threaded push fit tube inserts

Press fit into the ends of aluminum tubing, they allow you to connect the wood cage rings to the struts.

For 1.0 and 1.25 inch diameter tube only. Sorry no other sizes for sale.

$3 per insert plus $8 shipping for any quantity to any US destination.

Split Bolts

split bolt

7/16 by 2" long machine bolt has a length of 2 1/4" long flat stainless steel welded to the end of it with a 2" long laser cut slot in it. No need to hack saw anything.

$15 per pair plus $8 shipping ($23 total) to any US destination.

Argo Navis™ Digital Setting Circles

Argo Navis remote

The "Argo Navis™ digital setting circles" are the most advanced DSC in the world. Now you can have over 29,000 object at your finger tips, flash memory, highest navigational accuracy and much much more. It even corrects for mount errors and atmospheric diffraction! With the Argo Navis™ you will target and observe ten times as many objects during the night than with a traditional finder.

We are an Argo Navis™ dealer and usually have the Argo Navis and super 10K res encoders in stock.

"The Dobsonian Telescope"

"The Dobsonian Telescope"

By Kriege and Berry

Highly recommended for all Dob builders.

Save hundreds of dollars and learn how to build the best scope possible.

"It belongs on the shelf of every amateur telescope maker, and for that matter every Dobsonian owner. With its whimsical style and thorough treatment of the subject the book is destined to become a classic...
"Sky and Telescope, October 1998

Ordering Info

Sorry we are not set up for credit cards. To order, please send a check to cover the total amount plus shipping (US destinations only) to:

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If you have any ordering questions please send an email. NOTE, foreign orders (outside United States) please send an email so we can determine shipping costs before you place your order.